Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Pan’s Labyrinth Edition): Ivana Baquero

Several years ago, I was privileged to watch a very special Spanish-language film called “Pan’s Labyrinth”.  Directed by Guillermo del Toro (famous for the “Hell Boy” films and “Pacific Rim”), “Pan’s Labyrinth” is the tale of a young girl who escapes from the horrible existence (of living with her mother and sadistic new stepfather in a remote outpost during the Spanish Civil War) into a fantasy world where she is a fairy princess who must complete three tasks in order to obtain immortality.


This melancholy, yet deeply moving tale, introduced Ivana Baquero as the young girl, Ofelia.  Ivana did an amazing portrayal of a young girl trapped in a hopeless life, who still keeps hope for a good life for her mother, herself and new-born brother.  The power of this film impressed audiences and garnered numerous awards (including 3 Academy Awards… although, it didn’t win Best Foreign Language Film, surprisingly).  Ivana, herself, won several awards for her performance as Ofelia.  Among them were the Saturn Awards and Goya Awards.


In the years following her big debut, Ivana has managed to keep a relatively normal life.  For school, she attended the American School of Barcelona.  While there, she worked on learning English, as well as the regional Spanish language of Catalan.



While focusing on her academics, Ivana still found time to get in front of the camera.  In 2008, she returned to the familiar time period of the Spanish Civil War in “The Anarchist’s Wife”.  A year later, Ivana got to act alongside Hollywood heavyweight, Kevin Costner, as the antagonist in the horror film “The New Daughter”.


Currently, Ivana has recently starred in the film’s “Another Me” and “Gelo”.  She has a few other projects in the pipeline.  When she chooses to return to acting full time, this extremely talented and well-grounded young actress can end up being as big a star as Natalie Portman (who is one of Ivana’s acting idols).



One thing that Ivana is showing an appreciation for as she moves into adulthood is body art.  Right now, at 20 years old, she already has two great feminine tattoos.  Right around the time she turned 18, Ivana got the word “Home” inscribed on her lower back, near her hip.





More recently, she added a cute shining sun to on her right hip, near her bikini line.






It will be entertaining to watch Ivana as her career continues to develop.  It will also be nice to see her continued love of tattoos.

You can follow Ivana on social media:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ivanabaquero_  (this is not a verified account, but it seems to be run by her)

Instagram (Ivana shares a lot here):  http://instagram.com/ivanabaquero

Hottie Ink Update (Independent Wine Lover Edition): Miriam Pultro

One of the things I have loved best about running this blog is when I get positive feedback from the person I featured.  It shows me that people do enjoy this blog and continues to affirm how much they genuinely like talking about body art.  One of favorite features was the one I wrote last year on independent actress, Miriam Pultro.

My love of the all-to-brief science fiction epic “Firefly” is what led me to learn about Miriam in the first place.  In 2010, a number of “Firefly” fans paid tribute to this awesome show by creating the fan film “Browncoats: Redemption”.  It raised $100,000 for charity and gave fans another taste of the ‘verse that Serenity flew in.  Miriam’s performance stood out, and her ink caught my attention, leading to the feature on her.


Miriam showing some of her ink, including her awesome Triskelion tattoo. (Photo credit: Tim Goodwin Photography: http://timgoodwinphotography.tumblr.com/)

Miriam had a very positive response to her tattoo feature, and even shared what was her newest tattoo at the time, the triskelion on her back.  Her love of ink is one fun aspect about Miriam.  Another is her passion for her craft and drive to succeed in acting.  One only needs to watch her award-winning web series, “Mythos” (catch it here:  http://www.mythosseries.com/), to see her talent for writing, storytelling and characterization.  After the success of its first season, Miriam has already produced the show’s second season pilot.


It is futile to resist this Borg Queen at Halloween (Instagram: http://instagram.com/miriampultro)

Following Miriam on social media gives you an intimate look at an actress working hard towards that big break.  She candidly chronicles her disappointments along with her successes.  Recently, she scored a spot in the popular ‘Lily Adams’ AT&T commercial series.  She also recently starred in the family comedy/drama, “Homeward”.  In the meantime, you can also learn about her love of wine (which she sure loves :-D ).  The big break is destined to come for Miriam.  When it does, I’m gonna be that guy that says “Hey, I knew about her way back when…”

1920's Miriam

1920’s Miriam (Instagram: http://instagram.com/miriampultro)

Beach bunny Miriam

Beach bunny Miriam (Instagram: http://instagram.com/miriampultro)

Of course, while I like talking about Miriam’s love of wine and her growing resume, this feature exists because she has added more body art to her wonderful collection.

In my original feature on Miriam, she had a cute constellation of stars along her upper hip.  Since then, she has added the phrase that appears to say “One Feeling Only at a Time” underneath (It is a quote from Peter Pan).

Miriam showing off her ink along with those hard-earned abs that she is rightfully proud of

Miriam showing off her ink along with those hard-earned abs that she is rightfully proud of (Instagram: http://instagram.com/miriampultro)

Most recently, Miriam got the Sun and a crescent Moon on her right shoulder.

You following Miriam on social media here:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/MiriamPultro/

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/miriampultro

You can also see more professional photography of Miriam (as well as other stunning photos) on photographer, Tim Goodwin’s site:


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Jennifer Finnigan

JFinnigan_Pic01    My first introduction to strawberry-blonde beauty, Jennifer Finnigan, occurred during a period in my life when I still regularly watched soap operas (yes, I’m not ashamed to admit this, though I do blame my mom for the influence).  In what was Jennifer’s first major acting role, in 2000 she joined the cast of “The Bold and the Beautiful” (one of the most popular soaps out there, despite only running 30 minutes per episode), as the second actress to portray Bridget Forrester.  Agnes Bruckner (who may, one day, be featured on this blog) was the first.


Jennifer with brief on-screen husband, Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan)

In a common practice for soap operas, Jennifer’s portrayal of Bridget was part of ‘rapid aging syndrome’ where the character was advanced in age to her early 20’s from the pre-teen version portrayed by Bruckner.  And, in another common practice for soap operas, her familial relationships kept changing.  First, she was Ridge Forrester’s daughter.  Then, it was found out that she and Ridge were siblings because Eric Forrester (Ridge’s father) was actually Bridget’s father.  Then, it was discovered that Ridge and Bridget weren’t related at all because Ridge’s real father was Massimo Marone.  Keep track of all this; there will be a quiz at the end of the post (no, not really).

JFinnigan_Pic02    While “The Bold and the Beautiful” was the show that brought Jennifer to a wider audience, it was by no means her first exposure to acting.  The Montreal-born Finnigan actually had one of her earliest roles in three episodes of the Nickelodeon kids series, “The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo”.  Around the same time, she exercised her humor muscles in the Canadian comedy “Student Bodies”.

JFinnigan_Pic04    In 2004, she left her role as Bridget Forrester in search of bigger acting opportunities.  That same year, she landed a 10-episode guest role on the crime drama “Crossing Jordan”.  She portrayed Dr. Devan Maguire, a young pathologist who frequently butted heads with (but always looked up to) lead pathologist, Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessey).  The tragic death of her character in a plane crash brought that role to a close.

JFinnigan_Pic03    Despite her frequent dramatic roles, comedy seems to be in Jennifer’s blood, both professionally and romantically.  After years of dating, Finnigan wed comedic actor, Jonathan Silverman in 2007 on the island of Mykonos in Greece.  Silverman is known for his roles in films like “Weekend at Bernie’s”, “Brighton Beach Memoirs” as well as a being on the NBC comedy “The Single Guy”.

JFinnigan_Pic07   After “Crossing Jordan”, Jennifer spent two seasons as the lead character in the Jerry Bruckheimer crime drama “Close to Home” (notice a pattern here?) before doing a series of TV movies and guest roles (including an episode of “Psych”).  This fall, she returned to the starring ranks in the FX series “Tyrant” where she portrays the American wife of a pediatrician who also happens to be the estranged son of the brutal dictator of a fictional Middle Eastern country.  The early reviews have been uneven, but the show has potential and will be interesting to watch it, and Jennifer’s character, develop.

JFinnigan_Pic06    Jennifer is not one the avoid the beauty of body art, either.  While she is seldom photographed displaying it, she does have a little heart tattoo in a ribbon along her right hip.

JFinnigan_Tat01You can catch up with Jennifer on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/Jennigan

This beauty can also be found on Instagram:  http://instagram.com/jennigan1

Hottie Ink Update (Big Mama Stef Edition): Stefanie Dolson

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic01   2014 has been a big year for ‘Big Mama Stef’ (Stefanie Dolson’s alias).  When I wrote my first feature on Stefanie, she had just led the Connecticut Huskies to their second straight National Championship in basketball over Notre Dame.  Less than a week later, she was selected #6 overall in the WNBA Draft by the Washington Mystics (and joined a little later by her teammate, Seattle Storm #7 pick, Bria Hartley, who was immediately traded to Washington).

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic02    A little later that summer, she joined her teammates from both UConn Men’s and Women’s championship squads at the White House to be honored by President Barack Obama.  Visits to the White House seem to always be an adventure for Stefanie.  After the 2013 title, she humorously gave President Obama a set of bunny ears.  In 2014, she found the stand behind the President a little too crowded and fell off.  She quickly recovered and, while turning bright red, had a good laugh about it with Obama.

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic03     Once the WNBA season started, Stefanie proved to be a strong player off the bench, averaging 6 points per game and helping lead the Mystics to the playoffs.  The highlight of her season is was a triple-overtime game against Los Angeles Sparks, where she recorded her first career double-double (14 points, 11 rebounds).  After the Mystics were eliminated, Stefanie began extensively traveling as part of USA Basketball, gaining many new friends and chronicling the experience on social media.

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic04    2014 also showed off Stefanie’s growing love of body art, as she added two more to her collection.  No one can ever say that Stefanie does not put a lot of thought and consideration into her tattoos.  Her first two, which I covered in her first feature, were stars on her foot that she got along with her sisters and a Fleur-de-lis on her ankle to commemorate the 2013 National Championship, which UConn won in New Orleans.

Not wanting to play favorites with her National Championships, Stefanie got the Roman Numerals ‘IV-VIII-MMXIV’ etched on her left forearm.  This is for April 8th, 2014, the day UConn defeated Notre Dame to win the 2014 National Championship.

StefDolsonUpdate_Tat01    Sadly, Stefanie experienced the loss of her grandma over the summer.  Stefanie used tattoos as a touching way to express how important she was to her.

StefDolsonUpdate_Tat02   It is really refreshing to have a such a fun-loving (and ink-loving) person like Big Mama Stef as a part of the D.C. sports scene.  Hopefully, she will be here for a long time and help bring the Mystics the same kind of glory as the Huskies.

Follow Stefanie and her adventures on social media:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/bigmamastef

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/bigmamastef

Hottie Ink Update (R.I.P. Mona Edition): Janel Parrish gets Cool New Ink


Janel, enjoy champagne with boyfriend, Payson Lewis

Janel Parrish, of “Pretty Little Liars” fame, is already well known for her love of body art.  When I did my first feature on Janel, over two years ago, she already had 11 tattoos!  Since then, I have run two more features (second one and third one) as she has added to her collection of tasteful and attractive tattoos.  Now a couple new designs have appeared, which Janel proudly shows off on Instagram.  It’s time to feature those, as well.

2014 has shown continued growth of Janel’s stardom.  On social media, Janel is always shown having fun and developing quite a reputation as a fashion icon.  In addition, as “Pretty Little Liars”‘ popularity grows, so does Janel’s.  Even though this recent 5th season mid-season finale showed the demise of her character, Mona Vanderwaal, Janel will be continuing on the show in flashbacks.  I also suspect will be seeing many more projects from her in the near future (such as her upcoming appearance as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars”).


Don’t mess with Payson and Janel!

Now, for Janel’s new ink.  There have been two cool new designs that have appeared.  The first is a treble clef on her left wrist.

JanelP_BirdTat_Tat01    Janel’s other new tattoo is an adorable flock of birds on her right forearm.

JanelP_BirdTat_Tat03JanelP_BirdTat_Tat02As always, catch Janel on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/JanelParrish

She is on Instagram at:  http://instagram.com/janelparrish

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (“Dark Angel” Edition): Jessica Alba

JAlba_Pic03     It was only a matter of time before I got around to doing a tattoo feature on one of the sexiest ladies on Hollywood.  Known for an eclectic acting career on both television and silver screen, Jessica Alba has been a staple of celebrity magazines and websites (including being a regular on Maxim’s “Hot 100″ list).  She has managed to all this while achieving the rare goal of leading a normal, low-key life.

JAlba_Pic02    Alba has been in front of the camera since she was barely in her teens.  Her first role was a bit part in the 1994 teen comedy, “Camp Nowhere”.  It had a who’s who of young talent, but the movie went ‘nowhere’.  Hardly dissuaded by that, Jessica quickly started building her resume on the small screen.  She had a guest role on a few episodes of Nickelodeon’s “The Secret World of Alex Mack” before getting her first lead role during the 4-season run of “Flipper” (a remake of the popular 1960’s series).

JAlba_Pic04    Around the time “Flipper” went off the air, Jessica got some guest roles on shows like “Beverly Hills 90210″ and “Love Boat: The Next Wave” (one of a series of forgettable late 90’s attempts to launch sequels to popular series from the 70’s and 80’s).  1999 was the start of her mainstream rise.  She starred in two popular teen flicks:  “Never Been Kissed” (alongside Drew Barrymore) and horror-comedy flick “Idle Hands”.

JAlba_Pic06    From that point forward, Jessica’s star really shone bright.  In 2000, she starred in the James Cameron-produced cult hit, “Dark Angel”.  She played Max Guevara, a genetically-enhanced super-soldier trying to rebuild her family and survive in post-apocalyptic Seattle.  A strong first season could not sustain it through a mediocre second season, leading to its cancellation.  During this period, she dated (and was briefly engaged to) co-star Michael Weatherly (who now plays Anthony DiNozzo on “NCIS”), a relationship that ended in 2003.

JAlba_Pic07    Jessica’s next big move was playing the role of Sue Storm in the big-screen, big-budget “Fantastic Four” films (the original and “Rise of the Silver Surfer”).  While these films were box-office successes, their critical (and overall fan reception) was lukewarm.  This property is not controlled by Marvel, so it did not benefit from the superhero film rebirth courtesy of Marvel studios.  The same year “Fantastic Four” was released, 2005, also saw her score the role of Nancy Callahan in the iconic film “Sin City”, based on Frank Miller’s popular graphic novel.

JAlba_Pic01    After her run mid-decade, Alba’s career started slowing down.  She was in box-office failures like “Love Guru” (which has all but ended Mike Myers’ career) and “Little Fockers”, as well as under-the-radar, minor hits like “Machete” and the fourth “Spy Kids” movie.  She also had a role in the IFC parody of the epic 80’s soap opera mini-series, titled “The Spoils of Babylon”.  The slowdown in her career is not due to lack of box-office appeal.  It has more to do with her relishing her new role as mother to two daughters (with husband Cash Warren).  Of course, just this past month, she returned to the big screen for the “Sin City” sequel “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”.

JAlba_Pic05    Jessica, like much of Young Hollywood, does have a liking of body art.  One of her more recognizable ones is a Sanskrit design on her right wrist.  It means lotus flower.


Jessica doing her awesome Bond Girl impersonation

JAlba_Tat02JAlba_Tat04JAlba_Tat06   Jessica also has a quirky little bow on her lower back, frequently visible when she’s bending over to attend to one of her girls.

JAlba_Tat01    Her final tattoo is on the back of her neck.  It is a ladybug design within a daisy.  She got that as part of a family bonding experience with her mother and aunt.  They each got a ladybug in a different place on their body.

JAlba_Tat05You can get more details on Jessica at this fan site:  http://jessicaalba.hollywood.com/

You can also follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/jessicaalba

She can be found on Instagram at:  http://instagram.com/jessicaalba

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Bad ‘Habits’ Edition): Tove Lo


While 2014 in the music industry has been dominated by some less than inspiring acts (I’m specifically referring to Iggy Azalea), it has introduced several new performers who show considerable potential because of intriguing lyrics and appealing styles.  One of those new names to make waves this year is Swedish pop star Tove Lo.

ToveLo_Pic02    Born Tove Nilsson, in Stockholm, Sweden, Tove Lo always felt the juices of artistic creativity flowing through her veins.  She grew up writing poetry and short stories, a talent that would serve her well when she turned to music.  For a little while, Tove was a member of a band called Tremblebee.  She eventually went solo to focus on her own singing and song-writing endeavors.

ToveLo_Pic05    Tove’s career took a big step forward when she started working with song-writing kingmaker, Max Martin.  Tove’s narrative talents allowed her to write good songs for many acts.  Among the performers who have benefited from Tove’s storytelling are Icona Pop, Girls Aloud and Lea Michele.

ToveLo_Pic04    Efforts in song-writing notwithstanding, Tove also had desires to get in front of the microphone.  Her debut album, “Truth Serum”, was released in 2012.  It included tracks like “Love Ballad” and “Out of Mind”.


Tove getting the ‘Royal’ treatment

“Truth Serum” also contained another song that is destined to put Tove on the map.  “Habits (Stay High)” is a catchy, yet painfully emotional, song about the self-destructive behaviors one woman is putting herself through to forget a bad breakup.  The accompanying music video gives a powerful perspective on Tove playing the role of the distraught ex-girlfriend.  Taking part in that video was a draining experience for her.  “Habits” had been simmering in the lower-levels of the Billboard Hot 100 until it started getting heavier airplay.  It now sits at #23 and is rising quickly.

ToveLo_Pic01    Later this fall, “Habits” will be repackaged as a track on Tove’s first major album release, “Queen of the Clouds”.  With her strong song-writing skills and emotional vocals, Tove should be around for awhile.

ToveLo_Pic03    It is not difficult to see how much Tove loves tattoos.  Elaborate illustrations are visible on her left upper arm and right forearm (both are by painter Mark Ryden).  The design on her right forearm is a flaming heart with an eye in the center.

ToveLo_Tat05ToveLo_Tat04   On her left upper arm, she has an intriguing female caricature.  It is her most noticeable tattoo and her favorite.

ToveLo_Tat02ToveLo_Tat01ToveLo_Tat0ToveLo_Tat06ToveLo_Tat07    On the front her right collarbone, Tove has a design of a scorpion.  No doubt, it is inspired by her sign, which is Scorpio (She was born on October 29th).  Interestingly enough, she professes to seriously disliking it (I think it’s well done and fits her public persona).

ToveLo_Tat03You can get more info on Tove at her official website:  http://www.tove-lo.com/

You can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/iamtovelo

You can catch her on Instagram at:  http://instagram.com/iamtovelo