Thinking about that first tattoo, but still not sure about going all the way

If you have gotten to that point where you really do like the idea of getting your first tattoo, but you’re uncertain about taking that final step, there is a good intermediate step:  Get a temporary tattoo.

This is a great way to allow you to ‘try before you buy’.  The decision to get your first tattoo is a huge one, and you want to make sure you have eliminated at many doubts as possible before you get it.  A temporary tattoo allows you to see what having any tattoo will look like.  It also allows you to experiment with locations on your body where you would like to put it.  If you decide you really like what you see, then the only step left is to get a price quote for the real one and schedule an appointment to have it done.

What’s good about temporary tattoos is that, if you decide you don’t like getting one at all (or you don’t like the spot you tried it), it is gone in about a week if you do nothing.  With rubbing alcohol, you can get rid of it immediately.

There are plenty of good places where you can order temporary designs for just a couple of dollars.  In addition, there are tattoo studios who will be willing to help you with your temporary design.  It’s a good investment for them because, if you have a good experience and like the design, you will be likely to go to them for your real one.

In my own experience, I just tried a temporary tattoo my upper arm just for fun.  Then, I realized how much I liked how it looked that it had me seriously consider getting the real thing (regardless of the ‘bet’ with my friend).  Not long after the temporary one wore off, I sat down to get my first real tattoo.

Before you invest the time and money in getting that first permanent design on your body, get a temporary one to see if having a tattoo is really the right thing for you.


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