Tattoo News (in the future): Missy Franklin eyes some Ink

America’s new Olympic sweetheart, Missy Franklin, is attracting a lot attention in London for swimming skill as well as her cute, playful, winning personality.  She recalls a young Amanda Beard from 1996.  Like Beard, she has already declared her intention to get an Olympic tattoo as soon as her swimming events are complete.  She may even get it while still in London.

The increasingly common practice of Olympians getting a tattoo (or tattoos) to commemorate this landmark life experience is one that Missy plans to follow.  The 17-year old has already made her mark by winning the Gold in 100m backstroke (her teammate, world-record holder Dana Vollmer, already has Olympic rings on her lower back [she’ll be featured later]).

Even though she’s too young to drink in London, and too young to get a tattoo on her own anywhere, she has already secured the approval of both her parents to go under the needle.  (Editor’s note:  While I do think people should wait until they are 18 before considering getting a tattoo, the significance and meaning of the event this tattoo will represent [and the approval of her parents], mean this will have lasting importance and is not a poorly thought-out impulse decision).

Here is the article where she discusses it:

She says she plans to get the design on her right hip, so it may not be a tattoo she will choose to publicly show.  However, if she chooses to share, you can bet it will be featured here.


True Tales from the Ink Side: Debut

This is really exciting for “New 2 Tats”.  We are finally able to share the first personal tale of someone’s tattoo (other than my own).

This first story is from a high school friend of mine (she did ask that withhold her name).  It is a particularly fitting debut tale because her story is not so different from mine.  She, too, used to be very anti-tattoo (she was outraged when her younger sister got a tattoo when she turned 18), but was eventually won over by having seen some fine work on people close to her.  Then she saw a design that really spoke to her and she knew she had to get it.  Now, she is even thinking about getting a tattoo together with her sister.

I am glad that my blog made her feel there was a forum where she could share her story because she is proud of it.  This is what I hope this blog grows into being for others.

Now, without further ado, I present my friend’s tattoo tale:


I, like you, was anti-tattoos. I thought they were ridiculous and I just
didn’t “get it.” I met my now husband, who actually had a tattoo from
when he was much younger. A friend of his had used Indian ink and tattooed his
name on his right arm. It wasn’t supposed to stay, but his friend did a great
job and it did.

Scot got a lot of heat for that tattoo….because he spells his name
differently than most Scotts, his tattoo was spelled “Scot” and
people assumed the tattoo artist had screwed up. Scot had always wanted to get
it covered up, but he was waiting for the right tattoo and the right time.

Around the time he was seriously looking, I came across a picture and although
I had never wanted a tattoo, I knew I had to have it. This picture was so
me–it was perfect, and all of the sudden, I wanted to get a tattoo.

My tattoo is on my right stomach/hip area–left of my hip bone. I got it for
me, so I wanted it in a spot that could be easily covered up so I wouldn’t be
flaunting it. It’s small and simple and I love it. I included a picture of the
symbol–it’s a heart made of a treble clef and bass clef–perfect for me since
I love music!

I would like to get another one, but I just don’t know where. My mom is a
breast cancer survivor, so I’d really like to get one of the breast cancer
ribbon. My sister and I are also playing with the idea of getting a sister
tattoo, but haven’t thought of the right thing.

So…that’s my story! You certainly don’t have to use it, but feel free if you
want to. I think it’s interesting that both you and I were anti-tattoo and we both ended up getting one!!!


[Note:  since her tattoo is in a semi-private area, I am only featuring a picture of what the design looks.  Hopefully, when gets the one for her mother or the one with her sister, it will be one I can share]

Athlete Tattoo of the Day: Federica Pellegrini

The Olympic spirit keeps gracing us with some wonderful tattoos.  Our latest feature is this Italian stunner, Federica Pellegrini.  She is quite a successful Olympic swimmer.  She is participating in her third Olympic Games after having the won the Silver in the 200m Freestyle in Athens (2004) and upgrading to a Gold in Beijing (2008).  She also has 12 more Gold medals in international competition between the World Championships and European Championships.

She also has a tremendous affinity for body art.  At the current time, Federica has a total of 9 tattoos.  The most recent one she got is said to be in an intimate area and not for public consumption.  Fortunately, I have been able to find pictures of her other 8 tattoos.

The first to be shown is a prominently displayed phoenix running up the left side of her neck.  I am generally not a fan of tattoos that are on the side or front of a person’s neck, but this design is very pretty, so I can make an exception 😉 [In other pictures, I see that she has this design imprinted on her bathing suit, too]:

Her second tattoo is the only one I really don’t like.  It’s a morbid looking skull on her right arm, just below the elbow:

The next one is a very pretty floral design on the left side of her torso:

Her 4th and 5th tattoos are visible on her lower back.  One is a tribal design running along her lower back.  The other is an Italian phrase scripted above her right cheek:

Foot tattoos are becoming very common among women, and Federica is no different.  She has a pretty feather design on her left foot:

Her final two tattoos (that are visible) are on her right leg.  Around the ankle, she has what appears to be either a dragon or a phoenix.  The other is the word “Balu” on the right heel:

Here are two additional pictures that show her ankle tattoo:

Here’s wishing Federica the best of luck in the 2012 London Games.

You can find out more about her here:

Tattoo Thoughts: Society’s growing acceptance of Ink

Occassionally, I will make posts to just share my general thoughts about tattoos, beyond featur9 a famous person or showing pictures of designs.  This is one of those.

“Society’s growing acceptance of Ink”

If you have a tattoo, there is almost a 100% chance that someone you are close to has given you grief about getting it.  It might be a parent (for me, it was my mother), a spouse/significant other, or a very close friend.  This is because there is still a stigma related to tattoos that sees them as the being characteristic of only sailors, criminals, bikers, rockers, or some other kind of unsavory part of society.  Indeed, that kind of thinking helped form my previous negative attitude towards tattoos.

The truth is that there are so many people that have tattoos these days, that it is really becoming difficult to categorize them as some sort of deviant.  Your doctor, lawyer, teacher, accountant and other professionals may all have at least one.  One time, in the course of a single day, I came across a female doctor who had a star on her foot, a teacher with a bird on her shoulder, and a manager at work who had a cross on his upper arm.

You may be surprised to find out who has them.  But, don’t kid yourself, they are everywhere.  This will only increase, as there are currently more than 20,000 tattoo parlors in business nationwide; a number that looks to grow as a younger generation becomes of age to be able to get one.

The older generations have grown up in a time where a stigma was attached to tattoos.  The younger generations look at body art as no big deal.  As those younger generations get older and move into positions of responsibility in the working world and society, in general, the overall attitude torwards tattoos will be one of majority acceptance.

Indeed, I think my age group (I am currently 35 years old) is on that ledge between being primarily anti-tattoo and not having any problem with it at all.  Younger groups are much more accepting of them.  I am a prime example of being on that very border as I spent most of my life being against them.  Then, at age 35, I was won over to the artistic appeal of tattoos and got my first.  Now, I am a big advocate of them.  Over time, others in my generation may be similarly won over.  Those younger than I am won’t need to be won over at all.

Here is a list of tattoo statistics (regarding people who have them and attitudes about them):

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron needs no introduction.  She is one of the most glamorously beautiful actresses of our generation and she has the acting chops to compete with her beauty.  Since she first burst into our consciousness with “Two Days in the Valley”, she’s been in sexy roles (“Reindeer Games” and “Devil’s Advocate”), action roles (“The Italian Job”) and even an Oscar-winning role (“Monster”).

Over the years, Charlize has not exactly been secretive about the two tattoos she has.  (One is a flower on the top of her right foot.  The other is a koi fish on the right ankle).  In a variety of photoshoots and paparazzi pictures over the years, you have been able to see her ink.

However, it was a bold statement made by “Vogue” magazine that stirred up a lot of controversy.  “Vogue” chose Charlize as their May cover girl.  That is not news, given her glamorous look.  What was news is that this magazine, with its notorious history of photoshopping models, chose to leave the picture untouched, with her koi fish tattoo showing.

It spawned a fairly loud debate on the subject of tattoos.  There are many who think this made her look trashy, while there were many others who felt it fit her well and “Vogue’s” decision to leave the tattoo in reflected a more realistic depiction of the modern woman (where so many women now have tattoos that it crosses any sort of classicification barrier).  Here is an article that discusses the ‘dust-up’:

Given the significant growth in tattoo acceptance as a mainstream choice, the debate is actually pretty silly.  As it is, the koi fish tattoo truly does have a special meaning, because it is one she got with her mother, who she has an extraordinarily strong bond with after all they have been through together.

For your enjoyment, here are some other pictures that show Charlize’s tattoos:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Janel Parrish

Janel Parrish may not be very well known yet, but this young actress of European-Chinese descent (since I know some of you will be curious) has a strong pedigree in theater with stage roles in “Les Miserables” and “Spring Awakening”.  She is also known for being in edgy ensemble casts in the movie “Bratz” and current TV hit “Pretty Little Liars”.

She is also a big fan of tattoos.  As of the Wango Tango Festival in May 2012, her ink total was up to 11!   She discusses her love of tattoos (and admits to maybe having an addiction) in this interview outside the festival:

Try as I might, I was not able to locate pictures of all 11 of them.  However, I was able to find her 5 most prominent tattoos, as well as a photos taken as she went under the needle for her most recent one.

This first one is a rib cage tattoo that looks like it reads “earth laughs in flowers”.  In on picture she shows it own while another friend shows her ink.  Then, there is a reverse negative view of it the other pic:

Here next two are some fun phrases she got inscribed on her feet.  The one on her right foot reads “Free”.  The one on her left foot reads “Made in Hawaii”, which makes sense since she was born in Oahu.

Then, the final set of pictures I could find show a heart on her left thumb and the word “passion” inscripted on the left forearm:

This final, fun picture shows her as she is getting the ‘passion’ tattoo applied at the studio (remember, I think everyone with tattoos should have at least one photo of the tattoo being applied):

Janel is both cute and edgy.  Much like “Eureka’s” Jordan Hinson, she represents a  younger more modern view on tattoos and I think we will be seeing more of both them in the near future.

(January 21st, 2013 Tattoo Update:

Tats from around the Interwebs

This is another feature I am introducing, which I call “Tats from around the Interwebs”.  This is pretty much a ‘catch-all’ category for wonderful tattoos I see from around the internet, but aren’t part of one of my celebrity/athlete features, or part of a style feature.  I frequently share these pictures on my personal Facebook page, but I also want to share them in this forum, too.

This simply gorgeous and stunningly colorful hummingbird design has fans from all across the social media.  Friends on my Facebook page love it and thousands upon thousands of “The Tattoo Page” fans love it and have shared it.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like as a finished product:

Given my love of floral tattoos, I’d also like to share a couple of flower designs I found (one on the shoulder and one on the torso):

These are very pretty designs.