Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Bonus): Shawn Johnson

(Updated on 11/12/12 to 100% confirm that this tattoo is legitimately Shawn Johnson’s.  She confirms it in a Q&A and clearly shows it off in another photo).

Lest you think tattoos a reserved for an apparent ‘wild child’ athletic like Alicia Sacramone, the wholesome Shawn Johnson also has one (wha?!?!?!!  really??!!).  This is definitely not something that is being publicized (on any of her websites or anywhere else), and I have only found this one instance (in ESPN The Magazine) where it is visible.  But, this picture clearly shows Shawn Johnson making a gymnastics pose and a design of 5 black Olympic rings is visible above her bikini line (look where the red arrow points).  Many recent Olympic athletes are doing this to commemorate one of the most momentous experiences in their lives.  So, it shouldn’t be too shocking that Shawn has done so, too.

Shawn Johnson’s Q&A confirming the tattoo is legitimate followed by a very clear photo of that tattoo belonging to Shawn:

[Update:  the link to the Q&A has been removed because it is no longer active]


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