Featured Style: Flowers

One of the tattoo styles that I have always found to be appealing on women is floral designs.  Whether it is the simplest black outline design or has the most complex array of colors and detail, they are always visually pleasing.

A special characteristic of floral designs is that, no matter where they are placed, they look good.  In the past, typical locations would be found on the ankle or on the upper back.  They also started becoming prevalent on feet.

The latest trend for floral designs is to have elaborate work done on the torso.  There are some incredible flower tattoos I have seen done on torsos.  A strange consequence of this increase is some tattoo enthusiasts claiming that these are very cliché designs and are the new equivalent the lower back tattoo.  This opinion is ridiculous for two reasons:

1.)  Getting any sort of work done on the torso automatically removes the ‘cliché’ label.  I have spoken to many enthusiasts that have ink done on their torsos.  It is almost unanimous that this is one of the most painful places to have a tattoo done (due to the rib cage).

2.)  Floral designs, while common, have a nearly unlimited range of ways they can be created.  Each one can possess a special meaning or provide a visual appeal to that person.  One may choose a lotus flower design because they like what it represents.  Another may choose yellow roses simply because they like how it will look on them.  So, the decision to get one is seldom the result of pointing at a picture on the wall and saying “give me that one”.

Below are some examples of some very nice floral work done on the torso:

As mentioned earlier, flowers look good just about anywhere.  One friend of mine has an elaborate purple flower that runs from her upper arm across her shoulder.  Normally, that would not seem like a feminine location for a tattoo, but this design is exquisite and shows the possibilities of how flexible this type of work can be.

In another example, I have a coworker who, when she started here, had a simple black outline of a rose on the back of her neck.  A few months later, she came in one day after a long weekend with elaborate enhancements to her tattoo.  It had been expanded to now include five roses, which had also received their red shading.  The design also now ran down her neck and covered the back of her shoulders.  This was a great example to compare and contrast the impact of simple versus complex floral tattoos.  In each case, her tattoo was very well done and visually pleasing.

Flowers will continue to be a very popular tattoo design and, with the numerous examples I have seen, this is a good thing.  One day, I hope to feature my friends’ tattoos on this site.  In the meantime, here is another example of what can be done with floral designs:


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