Featured Style: Butterflies

Butterflies are one of the most common tattoo designs being inked on women these days.  Once again, as with any popular tattoo trend, there are tattoo ‘elitists’ who decry these tattoos as boring and common place.  Now, they are talking about the typical lower back tattoo with a butterfly design, or any butterfly design that is poorly done, they may have a point.

That view misses the point, though.  There are some wonderfully intricate and colorful butterfly tattoos that can be seen every day.  The placement of the designs are very creative and that allows for adventurous art work that is as distinct as the person who got it done.

This example below is one of my favorites.  It shows a woman with several monarch butterflies going up the back of her arm to her shoulder.  It’s a very pleasing design that is beautifully accesorized by a real monarch butterfly that wants to join in:

Then there is this wonderfully colorful flock of butterflies going up another woman’s arm:

Here are two more designs that show the possibilities on the lower and upper back:

Getting poorly designed butterfly tattoos are a common concern.  However, it’s best to not get carried away with them, either.  Or you may end up with a design that is just too busy, like Russian Olympics swimmer Anastasia Davydova:

Other than these potential drawbacks, enjoy your butterfly tattoo.  It’s nice to have something sweet and visually pleasing for yourself and your friends


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