Tattoos In Real Life (IRL): Debut

This is a new feature I am introducing to “New 2 Tats”.  It’s called ‘Tattoos In Real Life (IRL)”.  As I mentioned in earlier posts, I want to eventually be able to use this blog to feature the stories behind people’s tattoos (especially their first tattoos).  However, until that begins, I still want to just share tattoos of friends and people I meet in my daily travels.  This will be that venue.

The first tattoos featured in Tattoos IRL are some of the more creative designs I have seen recently.

This wrist tattoo is an abstract design of a dragon.  It belongs to a bartender friend at “Eggspectations”.  As you can see, the creativity of this illustration captures a very Asian feel to it.

A number of employees at “Eggspectations” have colorful and fascinating tattoos.  I I hope to be able to feature one or more of their stories at some point.

The other tattoo in this debut feature belongs to a very friendly and helpful staff member at the Montgomery Village Golf Club:

It has the symbols of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water with background designs that feature each element.  She designed this tattoo herself and it is emblematic of the different ways that body art can be extraordinarily compelling.


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