Athlete Tattoo of the Day: Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice is a superstar in her native Australia and gorgeous anywhere in the world.  In the 2008 Beijing Olympics she starred as she won three gold medals in swimming in world record times, all while flashing that bright smile of hers.

For a stellar young athlete like Rice, commemorating the most memorable experience of her life so far (and one that will rank high throughout her life) with some ink seems almost logical these days.  She did so by getting a colorful Olympic Ring design with ‘Beijing 2008’ written underneath inked on the inside of her upper right arm.  It was applied upside down so that she can show it in its proper orientation whenever she lifts up her arm.  It’s a cute tattoo on a cute athlete.  It fits her playful nature:

She also has a seven-pointed star on the top of her right foot:

And, just recently she added her third tattoo, which looks like some stars on her left middle finger.  I don’t have any further information about this design or what it means:

Here is Stephanie’s personal web page:


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