Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Jordan Hinson

“Eureka” fans rejoice!  Sheriff Jack Carter’s rebellious genius daughter is a lover of ink in real life.  She makes absolutely NO secret of how she feels about tattoos in the main banner for her Twitter page:

(You can follow her Twitter here:  http://twitter.com/jordandanger)

At the current time, it appears that she has five different tattoos on her body (Editor’s Note:  Jordan made sure I knew she actually currently has 7 🙂 ).  The first one that anyone would be quick notice would be this interesting looking owl on the inner bicep of her left arm:

Of course, if you notice her owl tattoo, you will also notice some writing on her wrist.  I have not been able to locate a clear picture of what the complete phrase is, but it goes like this “….. to live”:

The same photos at the premier for “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas” that showed off her wrist tattoo also show a dainty design behind her right ear which appears to be the logo for Coco Chanel:

Other photo sets of her show a design of some kind just below her neck, though I confess to not being able to determine what this one means either:

Finally, it appears her most recent encounter with the tattooist’s needle has resulted in a quote along her rib cage (rib cage tattoos being some of the more trendy ones these days, for either words or flowers).  The first pic shows her full body with the tattoo visible.  The second is an up-close one of the tattoo which shows what it actuallys says:

Given Jordan’s professed love of ink, I would say it’s highly unlikely that she is going to stop at just 7 tattoos.  However, she seems to have put some good thought into the design and placement of the ones she has, and they all appear appropriately feminine for her.  She will do well if she keeps tattooing with this thinking in mind.


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