Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Bianca DeGroat

The name may not be familiar to you, but the face is sure to ring a bell.  Bianca has that cute face that sticks in your mind and has you snapping your fingers going “where have I seen her before?”

Fortunately, the good folks at “Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?” (http://whoisthathotadgirl.tumblr.com/) helped identify her.  Bianca is the slightly confused girlfriend from the Chevy Cruze commercial, where her boyfriend is frantically driving her all around town to show his special marriage proposal.  Check the YouTube video below to jog your memory:


While that commercial has probably garnered this cutie’s largest notice, she has had small parts in TV shows like “House”.  However, her most notable role was an 8-year run on the PBS children’s mathematics show “Cyberchase”.

She likes to interact with her fans on her Facebook fan page and has been known to send an autographed photo to any fan who asks.

Of course, she wouldn’t be mentioned on this page if she didn’t have a little ink.  A couple small wrist tattoos became noticeable in some pictures of a photo shoot she posted on her Facebook page:

 (source:  Bianca’s Facebook page)

She was a participant at the children’s event “Share a Story” in Jacksonville, FL in May 2011 and several photos provided clearer looks at the design on her right wrist (which looks to be a butterfly).  You can see those below:

You can see the full gallery of the entire event here:


Here’s to hoping we see more of her in bigger roles soon.


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