Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Kari Byron

Alright… Now, I KNOW this is a featured celebrity that fanboys, nerds, and any other hot-blooded American male (or female) has been waiting for.   It is the one and only Kari Byron of “MythBusters”; the girl who showed us that being smart and nerdy can also be very sexy.

Kari has what appears to be a two-part flower tattoo above her right hip:

She tells the story of how she got it during the “MythBusters” aftershow webcast where the topic turned to crazy dates.  She said her husband surprised her for one of her birthdays with a tattoo (which is the small flower she is pointing to in the picture).  That’s all she says about the story, but she does give us a good view of the full design.  The video of this is below (she starts talking about it at the 2:55 mark):


Here are a couple more pictures that show a little bit of her tattoo:

You can get more of your Kari fix at her official website:



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