Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron needs no introduction.  She is one of the most glamorously beautiful actresses of our generation and she has the acting chops to compete with her beauty.  Since she first burst into our consciousness with “Two Days in the Valley”, she’s been in sexy roles (“Reindeer Games” and “Devil’s Advocate”), action roles (“The Italian Job”) and even an Oscar-winning role (“Monster”).

Over the years, Charlize has not exactly been secretive about the two tattoos she has.  (One is a flower on the top of her right foot.  The other is a koi fish on the right ankle).  In a variety of photoshoots and paparazzi pictures over the years, you have been able to see her ink.

However, it was a bold statement made by “Vogue” magazine that stirred up a lot of controversy.  “Vogue” chose Charlize as their May cover girl.  That is not news, given her glamorous look.  What was news is that this magazine, with its notorious history of photoshopping models, chose to leave the picture untouched, with her koi fish tattoo showing.

It spawned a fairly loud debate on the subject of tattoos.  There are many who think this made her look trashy, while there were many others who felt it fit her well and “Vogue’s” decision to leave the tattoo in reflected a more realistic depiction of the modern woman (where so many women now have tattoos that it crosses any sort of classicification barrier).  Here is an article that discusses the ‘dust-up’:


Given the significant growth in tattoo acceptance as a mainstream choice, the debate is actually pretty silly.  As it is, the koi fish tattoo truly does have a special meaning, because it is one she got with her mother, who she has an extraordinarily strong bond with after all they have been through together.

For your enjoyment, here are some other pictures that show Charlize’s tattoos:


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