Tattoo Thoughts: Society’s growing acceptance of Ink

Occassionally, I will make posts to just share my general thoughts about tattoos, beyond featur9 a famous person or showing pictures of designs.  This is one of those.

“Society’s growing acceptance of Ink”

If you have a tattoo, there is almost a 100% chance that someone you are close to has given you grief about getting it.  It might be a parent (for me, it was my mother), a spouse/significant other, or a very close friend.  This is because there is still a stigma related to tattoos that sees them as the being characteristic of only sailors, criminals, bikers, rockers, or some other kind of unsavory part of society.  Indeed, that kind of thinking helped form my previous negative attitude towards tattoos.

The truth is that there are so many people that have tattoos these days, that it is really becoming difficult to categorize them as some sort of deviant.  Your doctor, lawyer, teacher, accountant and other professionals may all have at least one.  One time, in the course of a single day, I came across a female doctor who had a star on her foot, a teacher with a bird on her shoulder, and a manager at work who had a cross on his upper arm.

You may be surprised to find out who has them.  But, don’t kid yourself, they are everywhere.  This will only increase, as there are currently more than 20,000 tattoo parlors in business nationwide; a number that looks to grow as a younger generation becomes of age to be able to get one.

The older generations have grown up in a time where a stigma was attached to tattoos.  The younger generations look at body art as no big deal.  As those younger generations get older and move into positions of responsibility in the working world and society, in general, the overall attitude torwards tattoos will be one of majority acceptance.

Indeed, I think my age group (I am currently 35 years old) is on that ledge between being primarily anti-tattoo and not having any problem with it at all.  Younger groups are much more accepting of them.  I am a prime example of being on that very border as I spent most of my life being against them.  Then, at age 35, I was won over to the artistic appeal of tattoos and got my first.  Now, I am a big advocate of them.  Over time, others in my generation may be similarly won over.  Those younger than I am won’t need to be won over at all.

Here is a list of tattoo statistics (regarding people who have them and attitudes about them):


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