Tattoo News (in the future): Missy Franklin eyes some Ink

America’s new Olympic sweetheart, Missy Franklin, is attracting a lot attention in London for swimming skill as well as her cute, playful, winning personality.  She recalls a young Amanda Beard from 1996.  Like Beard, she has already declared her intention to get an Olympic tattoo as soon as her swimming events are complete.  She may even get it while still in London.

The increasingly common practice of Olympians getting a tattoo (or tattoos) to commemorate this landmark life experience is one that Missy plans to follow.  The 17-year old has already made her mark by winning the Gold in 100m backstroke (her teammate, world-record holder Dana Vollmer, already has Olympic rings on her lower back [she’ll be featured later]).

Even though she’s too young to drink in London, and too young to get a tattoo on her own anywhere, she has already secured the approval of both her parents to go under the needle.  (Editor’s note:  While I do think people should wait until they are 18 before considering getting a tattoo, the significance and meaning of the event this tattoo will represent [and the approval of her parents], mean this will have lasting importance and is not a poorly thought-out impulse decision).

Here is the article where she discusses it:

She says she plans to get the design on her right hip, so it may not be a tattoo she will choose to publicly show.  However, if she chooses to share, you can bet it will be featured here.


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