True Tales from the Ink Side: Debut

This is really exciting for “New 2 Tats”.  We are finally able to share the first personal tale of someone’s tattoo (other than my own).

This first story is from a high school friend of mine (she did ask that withhold her name).  It is a particularly fitting debut tale because her story is not so different from mine.  She, too, used to be very anti-tattoo (she was outraged when her younger sister got a tattoo when she turned 18), but was eventually won over by having seen some fine work on people close to her.  Then she saw a design that really spoke to her and she knew she had to get it.  Now, she is even thinking about getting a tattoo together with her sister.

I am glad that my blog made her feel there was a forum where she could share her story because she is proud of it.  This is what I hope this blog grows into being for others.

Now, without further ado, I present my friend’s tattoo tale:


I, like you, was anti-tattoos. I thought they were ridiculous and I just
didn’t “get it.” I met my now husband, who actually had a tattoo from
when he was much younger. A friend of his had used Indian ink and tattooed his
name on his right arm. It wasn’t supposed to stay, but his friend did a great
job and it did.

Scot got a lot of heat for that tattoo….because he spells his name
differently than most Scotts, his tattoo was spelled “Scot” and
people assumed the tattoo artist had screwed up. Scot had always wanted to get
it covered up, but he was waiting for the right tattoo and the right time.

Around the time he was seriously looking, I came across a picture and although
I had never wanted a tattoo, I knew I had to have it. This picture was so
me–it was perfect, and all of the sudden, I wanted to get a tattoo.

My tattoo is on my right stomach/hip area–left of my hip bone. I got it for
me, so I wanted it in a spot that could be easily covered up so I wouldn’t be
flaunting it. It’s small and simple and I love it. I included a picture of the
symbol–it’s a heart made of a treble clef and bass clef–perfect for me since
I love music!

I would like to get another one, but I just don’t know where. My mom is a
breast cancer survivor, so I’d really like to get one of the breast cancer
ribbon. My sister and I are also playing with the idea of getting a sister
tattoo, but haven’t thought of the right thing.

So…that’s my story! You certainly don’t have to use it, but feel free if you
want to. I think it’s interesting that both you and I were anti-tattoo and we both ended up getting one!!!


[Note:  since her tattoo is in a semi-private area, I am only featuring a picture of what the design looks.  Hopefully, when gets the one for her mother or the one with her sister, it will be one I can share]


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