Tattoos from around the Interwebs

Normally, when I find a cool tattoo (usually from the folks at “The Tattoo Page”), I will just share it on my personal Facebook page.  However, I recently come across two that are worthy of getting a post on “New 2 Tats” in the “Tattoos from around the Interwebs” feature.

This first one goes to the heart of why I developed a real appreciation for torso tattoos on women.  When I see such beautiful work done there, it has shown me the potential of the canvas of the torso.  This one is a gorgeous and colorful design with three birds flying along her side.  (The woman who posted this exclaimed that she still couldn’t believe she got one there… but you could tell from the tone, that it was an excited and thrilled sentiment):

This second one is an astounding design.  It’s the front of a guitar, with the hole, strings, and frets inked on her back while her back serves as the body of the guitar.  Now, there has been quite a lot of commentary about whether or not this photo is legitimate.  It’s possible that it is photoshopped.  However, even if it is, I think this picture can serve as a template for an amazing tattoo for someone to get.  If music were truly my life’s occupation and passion, I would consider something like this:


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Nathalia Ramos

“Bratz: The Movie” was not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination.  But, it seems to have been a good source of pretty, up and coming stars who love body art and are also are making positive progressive career moves.  Earlier, we featured Janel Parrish and many of her 11 tattoos.  Today, we are featuring the beautiful Nathalia Ramos.

The Spanish-born Ramos made her major film debut in the aforementioned “Bratz: The Movie” (“Arrested Development” fans will recognize her bit role as Hope Loblaw).  She is now making her name in the teen mystery series “House of Anubis”.  She has also been captured in model-quality photo shoots at the beach numerous times.

At the current time, Nathalia only has one tattoo.  However, it is a very cute solid black 5-point star on the upper part of her right foot.  She does love to display it.  Not only can it be easily seen in her beach photos, but she regularly wears shoes and sandals that show it off.  Below are 4 pictures that show off this very feminine tattoo:

You can follow Nathalia on her Twitter page:

Athlete Tattoo (UPDATE): Stephanie Rice

While the sexy and fun-loving Stephanie Rice did not add any medals to her haul from the 2008 Beijing Games, she still found the London experience to be memorable and has added “London 2012” to her famous Olympic Rings tattoo on her inner right bicep:

You can follow Stephanie and more of her fun-loving antics on Twitter:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Zoe Saldana

(Update 05/15/2013):  Added one of Zoe’s incredibly sexy photos from her shoot with Allure, which prominently displays her rib cage tattoo)



Other than with sci-fi fan boys, who thoroughly love her, Zoe Saldana may be one of the more underappreciated blockbuster stars in Hollywood today.  She really struck big in 2009 with her roles as Uhura in the “Star Trek” reboot and as Neytiri in the all-time box office champ “Avatar”

However, Zoe has been around, and steaming up the big screen, for quite awhile.  Her first notable role was in the 2000 dance school film “Center Stage”.  In 2002, she was a part of the very unfortunate Britney Spears project “Crossroads”, and also a nice treat in the surprisingly good “Drumline” (She deserves a lifetime Oscar just for being able to make Nick Cannon seem likeable).

She had a series of notable and not-so notable roles over the next few years before really hitting it big in 2009.  She moved on to play a beautiful and brutal assassin in “Colombiana” in 2011 (which is a little bit of a shoutout to her own Latina heritage).

Down the road, she’s prepping for “Star Trek” and “Avatar” sequels and is also slated to be the lead role in the Nina Simone biopic.

Zoe is also a fan of body art and has been adding to her collection at a regular clip.  She also appreciates designs that have some significance to her, even if their meaning is not clear to others.

Her first tattoo is a cute little design along her bikini line on her right hip, which appears to be the initials “G K”.

Just behind her left ankle, she has the outline of a 5-point star:

Her next two reflect ones that have special meaning to her.  The first is a writing in Arabic along her left ribcage, while the other is a saying in Farsi running along her right foot:

Most recently, she appears to have added a companion tattoo to the right side of her rib cage.  There is a design involving multiple stars running along her rib cage.  Hopefully, she will show it some more when she hits the beach.

You can follow Zoe on her main website:

You can see her Allure photo shoot here:

and her Twitter account:


Dear “New 2 Tats” fans,

There has been a slowdown with regards to my posts due to finishing out my grad school classes and starting a new job.  However, I anticipate returning to regular postings shortly.

Thanks for your patience

Big Tattoo News: Missy Franklin gets her Tattoo

True to her word, America’s Olympic Sweetheart, Missy Franklin, commemorated her incredible experience in London by getting the Olympic rings tattoo’d on her right hip.  This colorful and cute tattoo fits her perfectly.  It will be visible whenever she’s swimming, but is easily concealed at other times.  Here it is:

She says it’s her ‘one and only’ (probably as a condition in getting her parents to agree to this tattoo).  But, we’ll see :-).  Even if this is the only one she gets, it’s a wonderful tattoo.

Here are some other pics of Missy, including her visit to “The Tonight Show” a couple nights ago:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Skylar Grey

The transformative impact of tattoos has never been exemplified better than by Skylar Grey.  Skylar’s tattoos are not the source of her transformation, they have just been inspired by it.

Currently, Skylar Grey is known as a multi-talented firebrand in the music industry where she is a singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/producer who is sought after by many of the biggest acts in the business.  She wrote Eminem and Rihanna’s epic hit “Love the Way You Lie” and has collaborated with Diddy on “Coming Home” and Dr. Dre on “I Need a Doctor”.

However, what most people may not know is that Skylar had made a name for herself several years earlier under her actual name, Holly Brook, where she scored a big hit with Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda recording as Fort Minor with “Where’d You Go?”:

This had her achieving some success in the light pop/adult contemporary market with the likes of Duncan Sheik, Daniel Powter, and KD Lang.

However, the time came when Holly decided she needed to embark on a vastly different direction in her life.  So, she changed her name to Skylar Grey because it represented ‘the unknown’ and allowed for a reinvention.  She started making connections with noted producers like Alex Da Kid, who got her involved in “Love the Way You Lie”.

From then on, she was a new person, whose own transformation made all of Madonna’s look tame by comparison.  She also embraced a lot of body art as emblems of her change.

One of her most stunning tattoos is an intricate owl that runs from her back to along her left rib cage.  Parts of it are seen in most photos of her, but she also took a few topless (covered) shots that show the full design:

On Skylar’s inner right bicep, there is a monochrome tattoo that looks like it could be the outline of a state.  In her biography, it shows that she is from Wisconsin, and that is exactly what her tattoo resembles:

There is some script in a foreign language that I am not familiar with running diagonal across the top of her right foot:

In several of her award show appearances, a design on the back of her neck was visible:

She has since enhanced it and added a very elaborate illustration that runs down the length of her back:

On her left forearm there is a quote from Albert Einstein that reads “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”:

There is another one along the fingers on her right hand that reads “G R E Y” (I can’t say I’m a fan of this one):

Here are a few more photos that show many of her tattoos up close and as well showing them visible while she strikes a pose:

You can follow Skylar on Facebook and also at her official website and Twitter: