Athlete Tattoo(s) of the Day: Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh

Misty and Kerri are synonymous with one another.  So, it only makes sense that these Olympic volleyball legends also have their ink featured together.

They first spiked and dug their way to the Gold in Athens in 2004 (picture above).  They followed up again in Beijing and are now taking a run at a three-peat in London.

With the very scant uniforms they wear, Misty’s and Kerri’s tattoos are always very prominent.  (Note:  they also frequently wear temporary tattoos during matches for their sponsors)

Misty has three tattoos.  The first, and most noticeable one, is the Roman Numeral for 5 on her lower back, with initials intermixed:

The urban legend is that the 5 represents her friend, NBA star Jason Kidd’s, jersey number.  Interesting tale, but inaccurate.  She has commented that is does amuse her.  However, the tattoo actually of her own uniform number from college.  The initials are in memory of her grandmother.

Her second tattoo is her most touching one:

On her left shoulder is an angel with the initials inscribed in honor of Misty’s mother, who passed away from cancer in 2002 before she could see Misty achieve Olympic glory.

Misty’s final tattoo is a fun one she and her husband, baseball player Matt Treanor, both have:

On her right wrist, you can see a design.  It is M-squared (M^2) that has many representations:  Misty and Matt, Misty May, and M-squared (which is her volleyball skills clinic for young girls).

You can find out more about Misty here:

Kerri Walsh has two tattoos of her own.  One is an obscured design on her lower back above her right cheek that could either be a flower or butterfly:

Her much more notable tattoo is an infinity symbol above the bikini line on her right side.  Here are a handful of photos of that design, which she is proud to show both on and off the sand:

More about Kerri can be found on her Twitter page:


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