Featured Style: Religious Tattoos

There are few things that stir up the passions and zeal of people like their faith.  I could provide a treatise on religion and its influence (in all its forms) through out history.  However, there is a 3 GB space limit on this account and I think the words, alone, would use that up.  Of course, there is controversy about whether or not the Bible permits tattoos.  In the Old Testament, Leviticus 19:28 expressly forbids ‘cutting’ of the body (among many other things that Leviticus forbids).  However, most modern interpretations of Scripture (and other holy readings) do not take too much issue with body art.  The primary objections to tattooing are found in social norms rather than religious teachings.

Alpha and Omega (I’m am the “beginning” and the “end” says God

St. Michael

Celtic Cross (I am quite fond of this style and will get one eventually)

A pretty dove with an olive branch representing the Holy Spirit

Colorful depiction of the Last Supper on this person’s arm

An old school tattoo photo of the Last Supper on this woman’s back

A passage from Isaiah with very nice Celtic knotwork

This last one is not an example of a good tattoo.  It’s an example of someone not understanding the Bible or tattoos.  It reveals some fascinating ignorance:

You can find other nice examples of religious tattoos on this website:


And, there is a great site that shows quality religious body art while discussing the history of tattoos in the context of Judeo-Christian faiths:



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