Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is one of the new critical darlings of the summer 2012 TV season.  Her quirky and controversial 20-something series on HBO, “Girls”, has been the talk of the TV critics and fans for several months (she’s also the creator, director and writer).  Her frank approach to sexuality, nudity and many other topics that can make people squirm are part of the show’s appeal.  The ‘true to life’ nerve it hits for that age group is the other part of its appeal.

Lena may not be one’s definition of a typical beauty because she’s not slim, tanned and toned.  But, her look is a very real to life one that makes her feel more accessible as an actress.  Part of that look includes her very visible tattoos.  She has many of them.  However, New 2 Tats will just cover her most prominent ones.

The first tattoo anyone would notice when they see her is a detailed design of a cow in field of flowers and trees which is on the upper part of her right arm:

Another tattoo that is easily seen is a scripted word on her right wrist (although I am not sure what it says):

Most recently, Lena got some very elaborate ink work done on her upper back, which is a pair of houses side-by-side:

There is one more prominent tattoo that has only been seen in her nude scenes in “Girls” and an earlier movie of her’s, “Tiny Furniture”.  So, I do not have a picture of it here.  However, I do have the story behind it.  Her friend (and “Girls” co-star), Jemima Kirke, inked a Yorkshire Terrier tattoo on Lena’s rib cage.  Jemima discusses it here in this interview:


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