Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Felicia “Fo” Porter

Felicia “Fo” Porter is a model best known for her participation in “America’s Next Top Model:  Cycle 12”, where she came in 5th place.

This exotic beauty has started to appear on more people’s radar courtesy of a recent commercial for Lowe’s Home Improvement.  She is that very attractive girl pixie-cut girl involved in aggressively remodeling her house.  Here’s the commercial:


Our friends at “Who is that Hot Ad Girl?” were able to track her down.

You can find Fo’s modeling portfolio here:


Fo is also a fan of tattoos.  Except for those pictures where they are airbrushed out, you can easily see small tattoos on each of her wrists.  It does look like they are cartoon skulls with bows attached to them:

Another tattoo she has, that frequently gets airbrushed out, is a lamb (with L-A-M-B written underneath) in the middle of her upper back.  She is a huge fan of Gwen Stefani, and this design is inspired by the No Doubt singer:

In this interview, she discusses Gwen’s inspiration:


Finally, I found this picture of a fun-loving and ‘nerdy’ tattoo of lightsaber on the inside of her right index finger:


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