Athlete Tattoo of the Day: Melissa Wu

Melissa Wu is an Australian Olympic diver specializing the 10 meter platform, both solo and synchronized.  In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, at age 16, she won the Silver medal in the 10m synchronized diving with Briony Cole (this made her the youngest Australian to ever medal in diving)

She has been a sweetheart in her native Australia ever since winning her nation’s Open Diving Championship in the 10m platform at the age of 13 in 2006.  Now, this daughter of an Australian mother and a father of Chinese descent has grown into a striking young woman who is taking her next Olympic shot in London.

Following the lead of many Olympians before her (and certainly many to follow), Melissa has commemorated her Olympic experience with a special Olympic tattoo.  In this case, it is the Olympic colors in the regular arrangment of Olympic rings, but the rings are replaced with hearts.  This is on her right thigh, just beneath her hip bone:

Her other tattoo is a very elaborate script design on her left torso.  It reads “Only as much as I dream can I be”.  This first picture shows the tattoo up close.  The second shows it while she takes a self-shot, while the remaining two show it as it appears when she’s diving:

You can read more about the inspiration for these tattoos (especially the quote) in this WashingtonPost article.

You can also follow her on her Twitter page:


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