Tattoos News: I Got a New Tattoo!

Ever since the thrill of getting my first tattoo back on January 12th, I have kept my eyes open for designs I might want to get for additional tattoos.  My only requirements were that they fit my existing theme of heritage tattoos.

At the suggestion of one of my friends, I checked Pinterest to for Irish, Celtic, and Shamrock designs.  I instantly found a design that I knew I wanted to have.  This is how it appeared on Pinterest:

I really liked this design of a Shamrock with Celtic Heart Knotwork inside each leaf.  So, I filed this away in mind and looked to a good time when I could, and should, get it.  I decided that finishing graduate school in mid-August was as good a time as any to treat myself to some new ink.  I was just going to wait until I got back from the beach (since I didn’t want a healing tattoo exposed to sun, sand, and water).  Well, in the meantime, I got a new job (yay!), which meant the beach trip was off for this year (which is fine).  So, there was nothing left to stop me from getting this tattoo I had been wanting for at least 5 months.

So, on Thursday, August 9th, I returned to the scene of my last inked adventure with that design from Pinterest in hand:

(You can find them on the web here:

I had Danny “Deathwish” do the ink for me again, since I was so happy with the work he did on my flags back in January.  Here he is with some of the other artists adjusting the image so it can be something that could be applied to my body:

Then, the ‘mad genius’ went to work turning my wish into reality:

 (the crazed look could also be because the power had just flickered off for the third time due to a storm)

Here we are at the midway point, with the outline having been completed.  On its own, the outline was so good, that I could have chosen to not get anymore work down and still been really happy with the result:

Now, here I am as the ink continues to be applied (in keeping with my philosophy that getting the tattoo is part of the experience and you should have pictures of it being done):

Here I am after the coloring and shading has been done for the finished product:

Here is an up-close look at the tattoo:

Here is another up-close look at it the day after, when it had a chance to heal a little bit:

I am incredibly thrilled with this tattoo.  I loved the work Danny did on my flags before, but he really outdid himself this time.


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