Athlete Tattoo of the Day: Dana Vollmer

There is just too much good Olympic ink to let the end of the Olympic Games put an end to featuring athletes and their ink.  Dana Vollmer is another U.S. superstar who has commemorated her experience with body art.

It goes with out saying that Dana’s experience in the London Games was an unqualified success.  She won three gold medals in the pool:  the 100m Butterfly, 4 x 200m Freestyle, and 4 x 100m Medley (she swam the Butterfly).  She set an individual world record in her 100m Butterfly race and helped the U.S. Women set a team world record in the 4 x 100m Medley.

Dana has two very cute tattoos that have been fairly visible throughout the Games and in her day-to-day travels.  The first, obviously, is a set of Olympic rings on her lower back.  They are frequently seen in her photos in competition and there is another picture here showing it as a nice accessory to a very elegant dress:

Her other tattoo is on the outer part of her left heel and it appears to be a design like a flower or a spade (Although, I can’t be sure):

You can find out more about Dana on her Twitter page and personal website:


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