Athlete Tattoo of the Day: Vanessa Ferrari

This may just be a generalization, but it does seem like Italian women love their ink.  🙂  U.S. Olympians of Italian descent, Diana Taurasi and Alicia Sacramone have nice individual tattoos, and Italian swimmer Federica Pelligrini has shown her love with 9(!) tattoos.  In addition to their love of ink, the tattoos they choose are some of the best looking.  (Even a high school classmate of mine, who is from Torino, has three very cute tattoos of her own. I hope to feature hers one day).

The latest Italian female to be featured is Olympic gymnast, Vanessa Ferrari.

Vanessa is a two-time Olympian for the Italian gymnastics team.  In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, she finished in 11th place in the All-Around competition and helped Italy finish 10th overall.   In the 2012 London Games, she finished 8th in the All-Around, helped Italy finish 7th in the Team competition and tied for 3rd place in the Floor Exercises, but a heartbreaking tie-breaker left her in 4th place and out of the medals.

For many years in competition, Vanessa has shown off a very prominent tattoo along her left outer ankle.  In keeping my generalized theory of Italian female tattoos, this one is very cute and very well done.  It is a butterfly among stars with a design that looks like a vine going up the ankle.  Here are a number of good close-ups of her tattoo, as well as pictures that clearly show it while she competes:

You can find out more about Vanessa on her personal website (it is in Italian, however):


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