Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (All-Star Edition): Reese Witherspoon

I don’t think much needs to be said to introduce Reese Witherspoon.  This incredibly talented actress/mother first hit the big screen as a precocious 15-year old in “The Man in the Moon” acting with a maturity beyond her years.  She then progressed to more adult films like “Fear”, “Election”, and “Cruel Intentions” (where she met her first husband Ryan Phillippe) before she hit Oscar gold with her role as June Carter Cash in “Walk the Line”.

For many years, Reese had a tiny little star tattoo above her left bikini line.  It was occassionally visible when she was photographed in a bathing suit.  However, recent profound changes in her life inspired her to enhance her ink.  She recently got married for a second time to Jim Toth and saw fit to add a bird to each side of her star.

This close-up photo gives a good look at the full design and the other pictures show her with the tattoo in obvious display:

While not an outlandish tattoo, Reese’s ink has some fairly substantial significance to it.  She is the quintessential All-American girl who does not ‘fit the type’ of someone who you would think would have a tattoo.  Yet, there it is.  It is a large and noticeable tattoo that she is very proud to show off.  Plus, it’s not because she is going through a confused, directionless phase in her life.  She is well-grounded and on a stable path in her life and she just thought it was something perfect for her.

This is what tattoos should be about and have the potential to become socially.  When people like Reese Witherspoon get body art, it makes it easier for others to accept it as more normal social choice.


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