Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Zoe Saldana

(Update 05/15/2013):  Added one of Zoe’s incredibly sexy photos from her shoot with Allure, which prominently displays her rib cage tattoo)



Other than with sci-fi fan boys, who thoroughly love her, Zoe Saldana may be one of the more underappreciated blockbuster stars in Hollywood today.  She really struck big in 2009 with her roles as Uhura in the “Star Trek” reboot and as Neytiri in the all-time box office champ “Avatar”

However, Zoe has been around, and steaming up the big screen, for quite awhile.  Her first notable role was in the 2000 dance school film “Center Stage”.  In 2002, she was a part of the very unfortunate Britney Spears project “Crossroads”, and also a nice treat in the surprisingly good “Drumline” (She deserves a lifetime Oscar just for being able to make Nick Cannon seem likeable).

She had a series of notable and not-so notable roles over the next few years before really hitting it big in 2009.  She moved on to play a beautiful and brutal assassin in “Colombiana” in 2011 (which is a little bit of a shoutout to her own Latina heritage).

Down the road, she’s prepping for “Star Trek” and “Avatar” sequels and is also slated to be the lead role in the Nina Simone biopic.

Zoe is also a fan of body art and has been adding to her collection at a regular clip.  She also appreciates designs that have some significance to her, even if their meaning is not clear to others.

Her first tattoo is a cute little design along her bikini line on her right hip, which appears to be the initials “G K”.

Just behind her left ankle, she has the outline of a 5-point star:

Her next two reflect ones that have special meaning to her.  The first is a writing in Arabic along her left ribcage, while the other is a saying in Farsi running along her right foot:

Most recently, she appears to have added a companion tattoo to the right side of her rib cage.  There is a design involving multiple stars running along her rib cage.  Hopefully, she will show it some more when she hits the beach.

You can follow Zoe on her main website:


You can see her Allure photo shoot here:


and her Twitter account:



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