Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Nathalia Ramos

“Bratz: The Movie” was not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination.  But, it seems to have been a good source of pretty, up and coming stars who love body art and are also are making positive progressive career moves.  Earlier, we featured Janel Parrish and many of her 11 tattoos.  Today, we are featuring the beautiful Nathalia Ramos.

The Spanish-born Ramos made her major film debut in the aforementioned “Bratz: The Movie” (“Arrested Development” fans will recognize her bit role as Hope Loblaw).  She is now making her name in the teen mystery series “House of Anubis”.  She has also been captured in model-quality photo shoots at the beach numerous times.

At the current time, Nathalia only has one tattoo.  However, it is a very cute solid black 5-point star on the upper part of her right foot.  She does love to display it.  Not only can it be easily seen in her beach photos, but she regularly wears shoes and sandals that show it off.  Below are 4 pictures that show off this very feminine tattoo:

You can follow Nathalia on her Twitter page:



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