Tattoos from around the Interwebs

Normally, when I find a cool tattoo (usually from the folks at “The Tattoo Page”), I will just share it on my personal Facebook page.  However, I recently come across two that are worthy of getting a post on “New 2 Tats” in the “Tattoos from around the Interwebs” feature.

This first one goes to the heart of why I developed a real appreciation for torso tattoos on women.  When I see such beautiful work done there, it has shown me the potential of the canvas of the torso.  This one is a gorgeous and colorful design with three birds flying along her side.  (The woman who posted this exclaimed that she still couldn’t believe she got one there… but you could tell from the tone, that it was an excited and thrilled sentiment):

This second one is an astounding design.  It’s the front of a guitar, with the hole, strings, and frets inked on her back while her back serves as the body of the guitar.  Now, there has been quite a lot of commentary about whether or not this photo is legitimate.  It’s possible that it is photoshopped.  However, even if it is, I think this picture can serve as a template for an amazing tattoo for someone to get.  If music were truly my life’s occupation and passion, I would consider something like this:


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