Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope is a singer who is currently making waves with some standout performances on the talent show “The Voice”.  She may look familiar and the name may sound familiar.  That is because she was been in the music industry for a while already (“The Voice” does not have any restrictions against minorly successful musical acts participating, as witnessed by Dia Frampton’s, of “Meg and Dia”, performance last season).

Cassadee got her start in music when she helped found the punk band Hey Monday (you can see a couple pictures from her Hey Monday days here):

Hey Monday had a couple minor hits (with “How Do You Love Me” reaching #37 on the Billboard Pop Chart in 2009) before breaking up at the end of 2011.

Cassadee has since become a solo performer and her participation in “The Voice” (where she impressed enough to have all four judges turn around) is the next step in trying to reach for big success.  Below are some other photos of her performing solo (including another shot from “The Voice):

Of course, it goes it without saying that you do not start a punk band (or get featured on this page) without some body art… and Cassadee has quite a bit.  Interestingly enough, though, all her tattoos are on her right arm.  She doesn’t have them anywhere else.

As they should, Cassadee’s tattoos have significant meaning (some of it fun and some of it poignant).

Her passion for music lead her to get her first tattoo, a bird with music notes streaming out of its mouth, when she turned 18.

A happy face, in honor of her grandfather and commemorating the day Hey Monday first got signed, was her second one:

On the other side of her arm, Cassadee got a banner with the letters “BND” inscribed on it, which stands for ‘Believers Never Die’, the name of the tour she and Hey Monday performed on with Fall Out Boy in 2009.

Over time, she has added to and enhanced her overall tattoo canvas on her right arm.  Below are some more pictures showing that progression:

In my opinion, her tattoos are fun and colorful; have significance; are well done; and follow a larger plan for body art on her arm (as opposed to getting numerous random tattoos all up and down her arm…. see Lloyd, Cher…. and Lovato, Demi  for examples).  This is how I feel tattoos should be approached.

As always, you can follow Cassadee in the Twitterverse:


You can also follow her progress on “The Voice” here:


I think we will be hearing and seeing more from her in the future.


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Haley King

The name Haley King is probably not familiar, but this above picture is becoming a very familiar one.  Haley is an up-and-coming actress who has appeared on many radars as the well-endowed mystery friend of the gorgeous Selena Gomez.

She is more than a bit actress who is Selena’s current BFF.  She started her acting career at 7 years old in Stephen Spielberg’s “Artificial Intelligence: AI”.  She later played a younger version of Dexter’s sister, Debra, in flashback episodes of “Dexter”.  She then scored a lead role in the Nick-at-Nite family drama “Hollywood Heights”.  It was also just announced that she will be taking the role of Summer Newman in the long-running soap opera “The Young and the Restless”.

In some of the pictures of showing Haley and Selena hanging out at the pool, you can see a tattoo along her right rib cage that appears to read “Faith”.  You can see pictures of her and her tattoo below:

Here are a few more fun pictures of Haley going skydiving recently:

I think we will be seeing more of her soon.  You can also follow her on her official Twitter page:


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Jana Kramer

“Entourage” fans will probably recall the first time they saw actress Jana Kramer.  She was the smoking hot sorority girl who first stole Turtle’s boxers as part of an initiation prank and then became a brief fling for our favorite Hollywood tag-along when he was trying to get over Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Prior to her notable cameo on “Entourage”, Jana had roles in the Adam Sandler comedy “Click” (which, for him, this film probably qualifies as a drama), as well popular TV shows like “Friday Night Lights”, “90210” and, currently “One Tree Hill”.

While the incredibly attractive Jana seems to be building a fairly attractive acting resume, she is currently pursuing her passion for singing with a successful debut in country music, which includes her song “Why Ya Wanna”, which hit #5 on the Billboard Country Music chart and even got to #54 on the Hot 100.

On Jana’s Twitter account, she has made reference to having more than one tattoo, but indicates that her favorite is the only one that is seen publicly (I looked for photos of any others, but was unsuccessful.)  It is a script design of the word “Believe” on her inner left bicep.  The pictures below show this cute tattoo.  One shows the design up close, while the other two display Jana showing it off:

You can find out more about Jana (especially about her burgeoning music career) on her main web page:


You can also follow her on Twitter:


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Hayley Atwell

The very pretty English actress Hayley Atwell is starting to make herself known in Hollywood after starring as Peggy Carter in the Marvel film “Captain America:  The First Avenger”

Named after former early Disney star Hayley Mills, Atwell found her start in a variety of British television shows and made-for-tv movies.  Her first big role came in the 2008’s “Brideshead Revisited”, a poorly received film adaptation of the popular British mini-series based on Evelyn Waugh’s 1945 novel.

She made a big splash in the 2010 mini-series adaptation of Ken Follet’s wildly popular “Pillars of the Earth”, prior to starring in “Captain America”.  There will be more to come from Hayley Atwell in following years.

In the meantime, we can enjoy these images of a cute little fleur-de-lis tattoo she has on her right wrist:

There is more about Hayley available on her fan page and on Twitter :



Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale, the very attractive star of the CW teen drama “Pretty Little Liars”, has a couple ‘pretty little’ tattoos on her body :-).

Lucy got her acting start in a variety of small roles in tv shows such as “Drake & Josh”, “The O.C.” and “How I Met Your Mother” (she also acted in a few episodes of “Wizards of Waverly Place” with fellow ‘New 2 Tats’ darling, Selena Gomez’).

In 2007, she got her first big role in the reboot of the tv series “Bionic Woman”. When that short-lived show went off the air, she got her next starring role in the comedy series “Privileged” before landing her biggest role to date, as Aria Montgomery in the multi-season hit “Pretty Little Liars”. Lucy also had her first major leading role on the big screen in 2011’s “Scream 4”.

When Lucy was 19, she had just gone through a bad breakup with a boyfriend and decided to do something rebellious. So, she went and got a tattoo. Fortunately, she didn’t go too crazy and get some skull and crossbones on her forearm or some other bad reactionary tattoo. Instead, she got a very cute bow on the back of her neck. She discusses getting it in this video:


and, here are a few pictures of that adorable design.

Some time later, Lucy added a new tattoo to her collection by getting a script tattoo of the word “light” along her left rib cage. There is a definitely upward trend on women getting tattoos on their rib cage/torso areas. In most cases, such as Lucy’s, the designs tend to be cute and very feminine.

You can get more info and photos of Pretty Little Lucy on her fan site:


You can also follow her on Twitter:


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Saved By the Bell Edition): Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Inspired by seeing some old episodes of “Saved By the Bell” this morning, I felt it was incumbent upon me to feature EVERYONE’s early 90’s mega-crush, Kelly Kapowski…also known in real life as Tiffani Amber Thiessen (or just Tiffani Thiessen now).

In case you need to be able to recall what made your blood run hot on Saturday mornings circa 1991, here you go:

These days, she still looks quite glamorous, but she will always be Kelly Kapowski to anyone older than 30:

Not long after “Saved By the Bell” went off the air and she started her role as the vampy Valerie Malone on “Beverly Hills, 90210”, her preference for body art started to show in some photoshoots she did.  Her most easily noticed one is a pretty flower that appears on her left shoulder:

She has also been spotted with a large sunflower design along the lower part of her stomach:

She also is supposed to have a green heart along her stomach, too.  However, I could not locate a photo of that at this time.

Her final notable tattoo is a little angel tattoo on her right ankle:

More recent photos of Tiffani have shown this ankle tattoo to be very faded.  So, it’s possible that she is having that one removed.

You can get your Kelly … er… Tiffani… fix on her official web page and her Twitter page:



Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Melanie Lynskey

Melanie Lynskey is a cute, quirky actress from New Zealand who burst onto the cinematic scene in 1994 with a memorable role alongside Kate Winslet in “Heavenly Creatures”, directed by Peter Jackson (yes, the same guy who did “Lord of the Rings”)

Since her debut, she has been in a wide cross-section of films.  She was in the independent hit “But, I’m a Cheerleader” in 1999; the 2000 hit “Coyote Ugly”; and critically acclaimed George Clooney film “Up in the Air” in 2009 (to name a few).  She has also made a name on the small screen with roles in “The Life and Times of Tim” and “Two and a Half Men”.

2012 is shaping up to be a huge year for her.  Melanie is starring in “Seeaking a Friend for the End of the World” with Steve Carrell.  She will also be in the highly anticipated “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, starring Emma Watson in her first major, post-Harry Potter, role.

Melanie does sport two very cute tattoos.  Anytime she is seen on the red carpet in a backless dress, you can see a Koru tattoo on her left shoulder:

Koru, which means ‘loop’, is a common and popular Maori design that frequently gets incorporated into tattoos.  You can learn more about Koru tattoos here:


Melanie also has a cute little script design on her right ankle that is a script “J” with a star.  It is said to be for her husband, actor Jimmi Simpson:

You can find out more about Melanie (and see more photos) on her fan page: