Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Saved By the Bell Edition): Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Inspired by seeing some old episodes of “Saved By the Bell” this morning, I felt it was incumbent upon me to feature EVERYONE’s early 90’s mega-crush, Kelly Kapowski…also known in real life as Tiffani Amber Thiessen (or just Tiffani Thiessen now).

In case you need to be able to recall what made your blood run hot on Saturday mornings circa 1991, here you go:

These days, she still looks quite glamorous, but she will always be Kelly Kapowski to anyone older than 30:

Not long after “Saved By the Bell” went off the air and she started her role as the vampy Valerie Malone on “Beverly Hills, 90210”, her preference for body art started to show in some photoshoots she did.  Her most easily noticed one is a pretty flower that appears on her left shoulder:

She has also been spotted with a large sunflower design along the lower part of her stomach:

She also is supposed to have a green heart along her stomach, too.  However, I could not locate a photo of that at this time.

Her final notable tattoo is a little angel tattoo on her right ankle:

More recent photos of Tiffani have shown this ankle tattoo to be very faded.  So, it’s possible that she is having that one removed.

You can get your Kelly … er… Tiffani… fix on her official web page and her Twitter page:




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