Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale, the very attractive star of the CW teen drama “Pretty Little Liars”, has a couple ‘pretty little’ tattoos on her body :-).

Lucy got her acting start in a variety of small roles in tv shows such as “Drake & Josh”, “The O.C.” and “How I Met Your Mother” (she also acted in a few episodes of “Wizards of Waverly Place” with fellow ‘New 2 Tats’ darling, Selena Gomez’).

In 2007, she got her first big role in the reboot of the tv series “Bionic Woman”. When that short-lived show went off the air, she got her next starring role in the comedy series “Privileged” before landing her biggest role to date, as Aria Montgomery in the multi-season hit “Pretty Little Liars”. Lucy also had her first major leading role on the big screen in 2011’s “Scream 4”.

When Lucy was 19, she had just gone through a bad breakup with a boyfriend and decided to do something rebellious. So, she went and got a tattoo. Fortunately, she didn’t go too crazy and get some skull and crossbones on her forearm or some other bad reactionary tattoo. Instead, she got a very cute bow on the back of her neck. She discusses getting it in this video:


and, here are a few pictures of that adorable design.

Some time later, Lucy added a new tattoo to her collection by getting a script tattoo of the word “light” along her left rib cage. There is a definitely upward trend on women getting tattoos on their rib cage/torso areas. In most cases, such as Lucy’s, the designs tend to be cute and very feminine.

You can get more info and photos of Pretty Little Lucy on her fan site:


You can also follow her on Twitter:



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