Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope is a singer who is currently making waves with some standout performances on the talent show “The Voice”.  She may look familiar and the name may sound familiar.  That is because she was been in the music industry for a while already (“The Voice” does not have any restrictions against minorly successful musical acts participating, as witnessed by Dia Frampton’s, of “Meg and Dia”, performance last season).

Cassadee got her start in music when she helped found the punk band Hey Monday (you can see a couple pictures from her Hey Monday days here):

Hey Monday had a couple minor hits (with “How Do You Love Me” reaching #37 on the Billboard Pop Chart in 2009) before breaking up at the end of 2011.

Cassadee has since become a solo performer and her participation in “The Voice” (where she impressed enough to have all four judges turn around) is the next step in trying to reach for big success.  Below are some other photos of her performing solo (including another shot from “The Voice):

Of course, it goes it without saying that you do not start a punk band (or get featured on this page) without some body art… and Cassadee has quite a bit.  Interestingly enough, though, all her tattoos are on her right arm.  She doesn’t have them anywhere else.

As they should, Cassadee’s tattoos have significant meaning (some of it fun and some of it poignant).

Her passion for music lead her to get her first tattoo, a bird with music notes streaming out of its mouth, when she turned 18.

A happy face, in honor of her grandfather and commemorating the day Hey Monday first got signed, was her second one:

On the other side of her arm, Cassadee got a banner with the letters “BND” inscribed on it, which stands for ‘Believers Never Die’, the name of the tour she and Hey Monday performed on with Fall Out Boy in 2009.

Over time, she has added to and enhanced her overall tattoo canvas on her right arm.  Below are some more pictures showing that progression:

In my opinion, her tattoos are fun and colorful; have significance; are well done; and follow a larger plan for body art on her arm (as opposed to getting numerous random tattoos all up and down her arm…. see Lloyd, Cher…. and Lovato, Demi  for examples).  This is how I feel tattoos should be approached.

As always, you can follow Cassadee in the Twitterverse:


You can also follow her progress on “The Voice” here:


I think we will be hearing and seeing more from her in the future.


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