Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Michelle Ang

This October, MTV rolled out “Underemployed”, its newest in a long series of young adult comedies.  The basic premise surrounds a group of newly graduated college students thinking they are going to ‘change the world’ and being shocked by the mundance existence of real life.

One of the stars of this new show is Malaysian actress, Michelle Ang.  Don’t let her youthful looks fool you; Michelle is a very experienced actress.  She began in her teens in the late 90’s in a series of tv shows, including a few episodes of “Xena: Warrior Princess”, before starring in the extremely popular Australian soap opera, “Neighbours”.

More recently, she starred in movies like “My Wedding and Other Secrets” while also continuing her very active television career.  “Underemployed” is poised to be this cutie’s first big exposure to American audiences.

Of course, I’m not mentioning Michelle Ang because I’m soooooo excited about another MTV scripted tv show (because I definitely am not).  It’s because Michelle has some pretty ink on her body (as does her “Underemployed” co-star, Inbar Lavi, who I plan to feature later).

Michelle’s one known tattoo (at the moment) is a very nice Maori-inspired design on her left wrist.  The design is a native New Zealand flower call “kowhai” (big thanks to Michelle for providing this blog with her tattoos full meaning).  This is what it looks like:

While she doesn’t conspicuously display it, she also makes no attempt to conceal it (nor should she.  It is a pretty design that fits her well).  Here are some more photos that show Michelle’s tattoo:

Enjoy following Michelle on her Twitter page:  https://twitter.com/TheMichelleAng


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester is best known as the social-climbing manipulator, Blair Waldorf, from the popular, and controversial, CW teen drama “Gossip Girl”.  This devilish and dastardly character has put the dual-threat (singer/actress) Leighton on the map as one of pop culture’s current ‘It’ girls.

Prior to her breakthrough role on “Gossip Girl”, this actress made earlier waves in roles such as the doomed girlfriend of a terrorist’s son in “24” and the virginal object of Vinny Chase’ desire in “Entourage”.  More recently, she put her vocal skills to the test alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in “Country Strong” and she did her own “Single White Female” film called “The Roommate” with her acting doppleganger, Minka Kelly.  She even starred alongside ‘New 2 Tats’ favorite, Selena Gomez, in 2011’s “Monte Carlo” (which also starred Katie Cassidy, the daughter of “The Partridge Family’s” David Cassidy, and who will be the subject of a future ‘New 2 Tats’ feature herself)

At the current time, Leighton has only one known tattoo (although she does periodically get photographed with temporary body art).  It is a flower just below her left wrist.  The story of how she got it is kind of sweet.  Years earlier, she had been directed in a movie called “Remember the Daze” by her friend, Jess Manafort.  Jess has a little star tattoo design on her wrist and Leighton decided she wanted a tattoo, herself.  So, at the conclusion of filming, they went and commemorated that fun experience by getting inked together.  This picture below shows the tattoos of Leighton, Jess, and another actress

As you can see, Leighton’s design is very cute.  Here are several other pictures that show the very glamorous Leighton with her very visible tattoo (just another step in showing how body art is really just becoming another accessory in expressing one’s self)

You can find out more about Leighton’s musical career (which includes her being featured in Cobra Starship’s hit “Good Girls Go Bad”) on her official website:  http://leightonmeestermusic.com/

Here is Leighton’s place in the Twitterverse:


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Adrianne Palicki

Adrianne Palicki is a pretty, tattoo-addicted actress who is probably better known at the current time for the role that didn’t happen versus the roles she has been in. Adrianne was slated to star in a 2011 reboot of the “Wonder Woman” series to run on the CW. However, controversy over a redesigned and poor quality costume, combined with a very ill-reviewed TV movie pilot, killed the series before it got started.

However, “Wonder Woman” failure aside, Adrianne does have some potential blockbusters coming down the pipeline in the next few months.  She is going to be starring in the remake of the 1980’s teen uprising film “Red Dawn” (WOLVERINES!!), and she will also be taking the role of Lady Jaye in the upcoming “G.I. Joe” sequel.

Outside of those upcoming roles, Adrianne also starred in the entire run of the critically acclaimed series “Friday Night Lights”, and was a key character in the horror film “Legion”.

As mentioned in the start, Adrianne is a little bit tattoo obsessed.  She describes her love of ink in this interview with Maxim:


In my research, I have been able to find 7 tattoos on her body.  She may have more that I could not find… and she probably has added to her collection since this interview was done.

One of Adrianne’s most noticeable tattoos, due to her penchant for wearing backless dresses, is a Hebrew script tattoo running down the length of her spine:

Adrianne has favored a lot of work on her right arm.  One tattoo she has, on her right bicep, says “Jeff & Nancy”, which are her parents’ names.  In the Maxim interview, she tells the amusing story of when she showed that tattoo to her parents.  First her mother slapped her, and then got emotional and said “oh… that’s so sweet”.

Also seen on Palicki’s right arm, on the forearm, is the word “Grace”.

Not surprisingly, she has also got some ankle work done.  On her left ankle, she has the initials “E A” scripted, and her right ankle, she has some foreign character imprinted.

There is one tattoo that is partially visible on her right hip, but I am not able to discern what it is.  However, in an interview, she indicated that she has a Supergirl tattoo on her hip.  So, this may be it

The final one I have been able to find is a small, petite bull on her lower back

While Adrianne may be ‘addicted’ to tattoos, all of hers have some meaning and are well done.  There isn’t one piece of body art on her that appears frivolous.

You can find more about Palicki on her fan site:  http://www.adriannepalicki.org/

and you can follow her on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/RealPalicki

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Rachel Perry

Long before there was Katy Perry, there was Rachel Perry (no relation)

The very attractive Rachel Perry has been known to many since the mid-90s as a VJ for VH1 and Much Music.

Rachel has done a lot of narration work and had numerous entertainment hosting duties in addition to her work with VH1 and Much Music.  She currently hosts “The Stash” on Playboy TV, which is described as a “The Soup” style show focusing on adult media (clearly a man’s woman 😉 ).  She also had an extended guest hosting role on Adam Carolla’s radio show mid-decade before being unceremoniously let go in 2006.

The sexy Perry has also done some modeling in the pages of magazines such as Maxim where she proudly shows off some very impressive body art.  One of her tattoos is an elaborate floral design on her lower back.  The other two are separate sparrows diving towards her bikini line.  Each are very sexy.  Please enjoy the tattoo photos of Rachel below:

Check out Rachel on her official website: http://www.thisisrachelperry.com/

Find her in the Twitterverse at:  https://twitter.com/theperrytrain

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Shelby Young

Shelby Young appeared in a brief ‘blink and you missed it’ scene in the 2010 mega-hit “The Social Network”.  She portrayed Divya Narendra’s girlfriend, K.C., who received one of the initial ‘thefacebook.com’ invites that ended up alerting Narendra and the Winklevoss twins to Mark Zuckerberg’s alleged duplicity in starting his own site while working on theirs:

This was Shelby’s only scene in the film, but she left enough of impression to warrant a further look (not unlike Malese Jow in the same film).

Shelby still has a relatively short resume filled mostly with cameos and guest roles.  However, she has had a few notable roles thus far.  She acted in several episodes of the Chris Rock sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris” before landing the role of Kinsey on the daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives”.  She also starred in the Emma Roberts film “Wild Child” back in 2008.  Shelby has a few more roles in the pipeline and I think we will be seeing much more from her.

A few months back, she decided to join ‘club ink’ and got her first tattoo, a script phrase underneath her left breast on the ribs that reads ‘said the cat’.  I don’t know the reference, but it seems like a fun little choice on her part.  Below are several pictures of her tattoo, including the all important photo of her getting the tattoo done:

You can follow Shelby in the Twitterverse here:


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Hayley Williams

It’s inconceivable that I have almost reached 80 posts in my tattoo blog without featuring my favorite punk princess, Hayley Williams.

The fiery-haired lead singer of Paramore with the fiery personality was always destined to get inked, and she sure has a lot of them.  As of this posting, she has 9 tattoos and, unlike my previous features with Jordan Hinson and Janel Parrish, I have been able to find pictures of all them.

As a teenager, she started Paramore with brothers Zac and Josh Farro, as well as Jeremy Davis.  After some early recordings, and making certain that the record label didn’t try to turn her into a solo pop princess, Hayley struck it big with her bandmates in 2007 with the release of “Riot!”.  That album saw the release of several Top 40 singles, such as “Misery Business”, “crushcrushcrush”, and “That’s What You Get”, causing the band to viewed as one of the true finds of 2007 and making Williams the new ‘It Girl’ of the music industry.

In 2008, they got more exposure with their song “Decode” being used as the theme song for the first of the “Twilight” films (I won’t hold that against them).  As the band’s profile continued to rise, so did Hayley’s.  It 2010, she became a solo standout with her collaboration on the song “Airplanes” with B.O.B. (which failed to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 only because of a little Eminem/Rihanna song called “Love the Way You Lie”… you may have heard of it).

Late in 2010, the Farro brothers left Paramore under some controversy.  Each side had a different opinion on what took place.  But, in truth, it was really the result of young people having the kinds of falling out that young people have.  The band is preparing for its next album sometime in 2012.

Now, on to the REAL reason to feature Hayley…. Her tattoos :-D.  As mentioned earlier, she has 9 tattoos (although, I wouldn’t put it past her to have added some since I began drafting this post).  Now, when someone gets this many tattoos, some of them just aren’t going to be as appealing as others.  In Hayley’s case, some of her ink has just left me scratching my head while the others are very visually pleasing.

One of the first tattoos noticed on Hayley was this colorful flower and razor design on her ankle with the banner saying “shave” on it.  Hayley said she did this to remind herself to shave her legs.  It’s a foolish, youthful tattoo…. but, it’s also colorful and humorous.  So, I’m cool with it.

A little later, she added a patched heart design on the same ankle, beneath the razor:

Another one of Hayley’s earlier tattoos was a commemoration of her and her band’s time on the Van’s Warped Tour.  Behind her left ear, she has a thundercloud with a lightning strike and “WARPED” written above it.  It’s a cute little design:

Hayley did get a tribute to her strong Christian faith by putting a solid black cross on her right thigh.  I’m not a fan of this one simply because of the design and placement.  I think a cross works better elsewhere (like a side of the leg or on an arm).  I also think choosing a design other than solid black would have been better.  She could have simplified it with a just a cross outline, or embellished with more intricate work (Once again, just my opinion on its aesthetics, that’s all):

Hayley then got a little heart on her right wrist, followed closely be a three-barred design to represent the unity of the three current members of Paramore:

On the same arm, she then got the only one of her nine tattoos that I truly don’t like.  It’s the phrase “accentuate the positive.  eliminate the negative” (Ironic saying, given my opinion on it).  I have no objection to the saying.  It’s just that the tattoo, itself, looks like a messy, childlike scribling.  I have no doubt that was what Hayley was going for, but it I just don’t think it looks good:

Now we will follow my least favorite Hayley tattoo with the one I absolutely love.  Along her left side, she got this beautiful floral tattoo done.  The lines are nice, the design is stunning, and the color really stands out.  In addition to being a beautiful design, it also has a nice meaning.  According to Hayley, the three different flowers represent her and her younger sisters, “each unique, yet still growing together”:

Then, there is one of her most recent ones, a lightning bolt near her left elbow with the letters TCB surrounding it.  The letters stand for Elvis Presley’s motto “Takin’ Care of Business”.  I also included a picture of her having it done (which, as you all know, is a preference of mine):

You can follow Hayley and her band from their official website:


and, you can follow Hayley in the Twitterverse: