Celebrity Tattoo of the Day [Awesome Update]: Selena Gomez gets her second!

Tattoo #3 Tattoo #4

Let’s hop in the Wayback machine and travel back to those simpler times before February 2012….before the sweet and sexy Selena Gomez joined ‘Club Ink’.  Yes, she was (and seemingly still is) dating the heavily inked Bieber… and yes, many of the Disney types in her own age group had recently gotten their first tattoos (followed second, third, and [in Miley Cyrus’ case], 14th]).  Yet, there were still a feeling (and perhaps a hope among the anti-ink crowd) that Selena would not succumb to such an ‘impulsive’ choice.

February 2012 put all that discussion to rest as Selena got her first tattoo, which was a very cute, dainty music note on her right wrist.  I, for one, loved it (granted, it helped that I had recently gotten over my dislike of tattoos and joined ‘Club Ink’ one month earlier, myself).  For a reminder, here is how she looked after getting her first tattoo:

Like me, it took Selena exactly 8 months to go from Tattoo #1 to Tattoo #2.  Courtesy of one of my good friends, I was sent this story of her getting her second tattoo on September 30th.


It is the Roman Numerals for 76 etched in to the back of her neck.  All we know about its significance is that is a tribute to a family member who means a lot to her.  If she chooses to share more about that later on, that will be here choice.  But, for now, we can enjoy this new body art.

She went to famous tattoo artist Bang Bang in New York (who has placed some of Rihanna’s ink on her body and is responsible for Vanessa Hudgens very cute butterfly neck tattoo).

I would say it is very likely we will be seeing more ink on Selena as time passes.  If she stays with these very pretty, very feminine designs and placements, it will be a visual treat.


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