Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Rachel Perry

Long before there was Katy Perry, there was Rachel Perry (no relation)

The very attractive Rachel Perry has been known to many since the mid-90s as a VJ for VH1 and Much Music.

Rachel has done a lot of narration work and had numerous entertainment hosting duties in addition to her work with VH1 and Much Music.  She currently hosts “The Stash” on Playboy TV, which is described as a “The Soup” style show focusing on adult media (clearly a man’s woman 😉 ).  She also had an extended guest hosting role on Adam Carolla’s radio show mid-decade before being unceremoniously let go in 2006.

The sexy Perry has also done some modeling in the pages of magazines such as Maxim where she proudly shows off some very impressive body art.  One of her tattoos is an elaborate floral design on her lower back.  The other two are separate sparrows diving towards her bikini line.  Each are very sexy.  Please enjoy the tattoo photos of Rachel below:

Check out Rachel on her official website: http://www.thisisrachelperry.com/

Find her in the Twitterverse at:  https://twitter.com/theperrytrain


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