Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Adrianne Palicki

Adrianne Palicki is a pretty, tattoo-addicted actress who is probably better known at the current time for the role that didn’t happen versus the roles she has been in. Adrianne was slated to star in a 2011 reboot of the “Wonder Woman” series to run on the CW. However, controversy over a redesigned and poor quality costume, combined with a very ill-reviewed TV movie pilot, killed the series before it got started.

However, “Wonder Woman” failure aside, Adrianne does have some potential blockbusters coming down the pipeline in the next few months.  She is going to be starring in the remake of the 1980’s teen uprising film “Red Dawn” (WOLVERINES!!), and she will also be taking the role of Lady Jaye in the upcoming “G.I. Joe” sequel.

Outside of those upcoming roles, Adrianne also starred in the entire run of the critically acclaimed series “Friday Night Lights”, and was a key character in the horror film “Legion”.

As mentioned in the start, Adrianne is a little bit tattoo obsessed.  She describes her love of ink in this interview with Maxim:


In my research, I have been able to find 7 tattoos on her body.  She may have more that I could not find… and she probably has added to her collection since this interview was done.

One of Adrianne’s most noticeable tattoos, due to her penchant for wearing backless dresses, is a Hebrew script tattoo running down the length of her spine:

Adrianne has favored a lot of work on her right arm.  One tattoo she has, on her right bicep, says “Jeff & Nancy”, which are her parents’ names.  In the Maxim interview, she tells the amusing story of when she showed that tattoo to her parents.  First her mother slapped her, and then got emotional and said “oh… that’s so sweet”.

Also seen on Palicki’s right arm, on the forearm, is the word “Grace”.

Not surprisingly, she has also got some ankle work done.  On her left ankle, she has the initials “E A” scripted, and her right ankle, she has some foreign character imprinted.

There is one tattoo that is partially visible on her right hip, but I am not able to discern what it is.  However, in an interview, she indicated that she has a Supergirl tattoo on her hip.  So, this may be it

The final one I have been able to find is a small, petite bull on her lower back

While Adrianne may be ‘addicted’ to tattoos, all of hers have some meaning and are well done.  There isn’t one piece of body art on her that appears frivolous.

You can find more about Palicki on her fan site:  http://www.adriannepalicki.org/

and you can follow her on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/RealPalicki


6 thoughts on “Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Adrianne Palicki

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  3. The Hebrew one says “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”, “מה שלא הורג אותי מחשל אותי” (only the last four words are visible in this phone). It’s done in the wrong direction, it reads like “יתוא לשחמ יתוא גרוה…” which is meaningless.

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