Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Michelle Ang

This October, MTV rolled out “Underemployed”, its newest in a long series of young adult comedies.  The basic premise surrounds a group of newly graduated college students thinking they are going to ‘change the world’ and being shocked by the mundance existence of real life.

One of the stars of this new show is Malaysian actress, Michelle Ang.  Don’t let her youthful looks fool you; Michelle is a very experienced actress.  She began in her teens in the late 90’s in a series of tv shows, including a few episodes of “Xena: Warrior Princess”, before starring in the extremely popular Australian soap opera, “Neighbours”.

More recently, she starred in movies like “My Wedding and Other Secrets” while also continuing her very active television career.  “Underemployed” is poised to be this cutie’s first big exposure to American audiences.

Of course, I’m not mentioning Michelle Ang because I’m soooooo excited about another MTV scripted tv show (because I definitely am not).  It’s because Michelle has some pretty ink on her body (as does her “Underemployed” co-star, Inbar Lavi, who I plan to feature later).

Michelle’s one known tattoo (at the moment) is a very nice Maori-inspired design on her left wrist.  The design is a native New Zealand flower call “kowhai” (big thanks to Michelle for providing this blog with her tattoos full meaning).  This is what it looks like:

While she doesn’t conspicuously display it, she also makes no attempt to conceal it (nor should she.  It is a pretty design that fits her well).  Here are some more photos that show Michelle’s tattoo:

Enjoy following Michelle on her Twitter page:  https://twitter.com/TheMichelleAng


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