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This is big!  50,000 page views!!  Thank you everyone for your support of my personal tattoo effort over the past five months.  I look forward to continuing to share my tattoo thoughts, and your tattoo stories, for a long time to come!


Athlete Tattoo of the Day: Michelle Beadle

I realize it may be a stretch to categorize Michelle Beadle under ‘Athlete Tattoo of the Day’, but she has held a variety of sportscasting and sports hosting jobs.  So I am willing to make that leap.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past five years, you’ll recognize Michelle as the goofy, spunky, and incredibly attractive co-host of ESPN’s “SportsNation” along with Colin Cowherd.  She was then (and remains now), the only reason to have watched that show.  She deserves a lot of credit for working three full years with Cowherd, a sports personality whose ‘hackery’ rivals only that of Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith.

Beadle-Mania got its start in the late 1990’s when Michelle, a graduate of University of Texas at San Antonio, interned for the San Antonio Spurs.  After that, Michelle cut her teeth in a variety on eclectic sports assignments, including covering “Big Game Hunters” for Fox Sports Net and the Professional Bull Riders’ Tour for TNN (which was “The Nashville Network” at the time before changing focus and becoming “The National Network”, and then rebranding entirely as “Spike TV”).

She also did ‘hard time’ as a reporter covering the New Jersey Nets for the YES Network (anyone deserves sympathy for putting up with that).  Finally, after several more assignements of the entertainment and reality show variety, Beadle landed her huge break on June 1, 2009 on “SportsNation”.  Her three years on that show brought a lot of fun and entertainment to an otherwise typical sports show, while also raising her ‘Q-rating’ among ESPN’s male fan base.

In May of 2012, she moved on from ESPN and took a job with NBC; primarily with NBC Sports (where she covered the 2012 London Olympics [a source of many tattoo features]) and also as co-host of “Access Hollywood”.

One thing that Beadle fans noticed during her hosting stint on “SportsNation” was her conspicuosly visible tattoo on her right wrist.

I believe the script tattoo says “Amore” and it is a cute one for Michelle.  Here is another picture of her working out with her wrist ink plainly visible

Michelle is a fan of body art and is believed to have four tattoos.  I have been able to locate two of those.  They are both appear to be cute designs on the inside of her left ankle on the top of her right foot.

These two pics show glimpses of her ankle tattoo

While these photos show glimpses of her foot tattoo (which appears to be a heart design)

You can follow the fun and perky Beadle on Twitter:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Jordin Sparks

It should probably come as no surprise that I would eventually have a feature on a singer whose debut song was called “Tattoo”.  So, here we are, with Jordan Sparks getting her ‘New 2 Tats’ feature.

Jordin is obviously very well known as a Grammy-nominated singer of such songs like the aforementioned “Tattoo”, as well as “Battlefield” and “One Step at a Time”, as well as bursting onto the scene as the winner of Season 6 of “American Idol”

(Jordin, upon learning she was the winner)

Jordin was the saving grace of what was arguably the first really bad season of “Idol”.  If you recall, that was the season that gave us the odd-ball beat boxer, Blake Lewis, who was in the final two with Jordin; the meek Melinda Doolittle who was arguably the most talented finalist, but whose wallflower personality ended up working against her; and the atrocious Sanjaya Malakar, a talent-deprived singer who should never have made the Top 12 and lasted much longer because of websites like

However, the weakness of the rest of the field takes nothing away from Jordin’s victory.  Her enormous talent was clear early on and she could easily have defeated Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks (and probably Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino).

If you are trying rack your brain to recall if Jordin Sparks is related to any other famous Sparks (other than Wally Sparks [sorry, horrible Rodney Dangerfield movie reference]), you would be correct.  Her father is former NFL cornerback, Phillippi Sparks, a 9-year league veteran (1992-2000) known primarily for his time with the New York Giants.

The football connection runs deep in Jordin’s family.  In addition to her father’s stint in the NFL, her younger brother, Phillippi ‘PJ’ Sparks Jr., plays college ball at the University of North Dakota; and, Jordin, herself, performed the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLII, in which her father’s old team, the Giants ended the New England Patriots’ dream of a perfect season (grumble…. grumble…. grumble…..grumble….)

(wearing daddy’s jersey)

Now, on to the good part… the INK :-).  It should come as no surprise that a young recording artist in this day and age, with a debut song titled “Tattoo”, would have some body art of her own; and Jordin has quite a bit.  Jordin’s mother insisted she wait until she was 18 before getting inked.  Since then, she has wasted no time in building her collection.  (Paparazzi photos at the beach with her current boyfriend, Jason Derulo, helped reveal a great many of these tattoos [Photos courtesty of Splash productions])

One of her earliest tattoos was the Biblical verse ‘1 Timothy 4:12’ (“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity“) on her left wrist.  These pictures show the tattoo up close, as well as in a photo shoot

On the other hand (or rather, her other hand), she has a tiny red heart imprinted on her right ring finger

In a photo she took about a year ago to show off her new weight loss, she also showed off her brand new script tattoo on her right rib cage that reads ‘respira’ (or ‘breathe’ in Spanish).  In that same photo, you can also see a pretty design of a dove down on her right hip.  One of the photos from her beach vacation also clearly shows that wonderful tattoo

During her trip with Jason Derulo, the paparazzi captured their cozy time together and also captured Jordin’s tattoo of biblical fish behind her left ear

Another of her tattoos is a what appears to be Hebrew script running down her spine

Finally, among the tattoos of hers’ I was able to find, comes my absolute favorite design.  It’s a gorgeous flower running down her left torso.  I grabbed several photos of this because I think it is such a wonderful piece of body art.

Jordin is always on the lookout for new tattoo ideas.  She recently took to Twitter to request that her fans suggest ideas for a new tattoo for her.  This was not so she could take someone’s direct suggestion for one.  Instead, she was looking for inspiration for ideas that she could customize to something meaningful to her.

You can find out more about Jordin at her official website

You can also follow her on Twitter at:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Dianna Agron

In order to star on the hit Fox TV show “Glee”, it is almost a pre-requisite to have some ink.  As far as I can tell, almost every cast member (at least the ones that play students) have tattoos; from ‘good girl’ types like Dianna Agron and Lea Michele to nerdy guys like Kevin McHale.  During my tattoo ‘hater’ phase (also know as the first 35 years of my life), I found this very annoying.  After my own ‘awakening’, I have really grown to appreciate the body art that the “Glee”-ful cast has, although I will admit that the show is still not really my thing.

Although Lea Michele (aka, Rachel Berry) has, by far and away, the most tattoos of anyone with 14, I think on an ink-by-ink comparison, Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) has the best tattoos.

(Dianna’s real high school photo)

Dianna has that wonderful combination of being classically gorgeous while also being adorably cute

This California girl (by way of the Deep South [Georgia and Texas], and who also is of Russian descent) began her acting career in the mid-00’s with several guest roles on TV shows like “CSI: NY” and “Drake and Josh”.  The cross between 2006 and 2007 proved to be quite eventful as Dianna progressed from single shows to multi-episode arcs on such hits like “Veronica Mars” and “Heroes”.  However, nothing so far could have prepared her for the explosion in popularity she would receive in 2009, when a she was cast in a little show targeted for a niche audience called “Glee”.  You may have heard of it.

Dianna has parlayed her enormous success in “Glee” into a successful movie career, including roles in the Christina Aguilera/Cher vehicle “Burlesque” as well as in “I Am Number Four”.

As mentioned before, I think Dianna has the nicest body art of any of the “Glee” cast members.  I have been able to locate four tattoos on her, though I suspect she probably has more.

The first tattoo that anyone probably noticed on her is probably her most meaningful.  It is a little saying written along her left torso that reads “Mary had a little lamb”.  The meaning comes from Mary being her mother’s name and she always referred to Dianna as her ‘little lamb’.  While I’m sure her mother was deliberate with that play on words, it also created the perfect inspiration for this tattoo.

A little while after “Glee” premiered, Dianna posed in a semi-controversial photo spread for Maxim magazine with her other castmates (it was controversial because conservative family groups objected to the sexy portrayal of high school characters, even though all the cast members were well into their 20s).

What someone could notice from one of Dianna’s photos in Maxim was that her torso tattoo looked to have far more than one line in it now.  That is because she added several lines of philosophical thought running down her left rib cage.  The two pictures below show the tattoo through a sheer dress that she is wearing.  The enhanced tattoo is not as clear through the dress in the first picture, but it does show what the words are in the tattoo.  The second picture (taken from Cosmo magazine) does show a clearer view through her sheer dress

Another tattoo of hers is what appears to be an abstract flower design that also appears on her left torso (she must really like getting inked there :-)).

Finally, among the tattoos of hers that I have found, there are a couple of hearts running down her inner left wrist with a design inside of each one (it could be an initial or some other kind of design).

Dianna’s tattoos are as cute as she is (and that’s saying something).  The success of “Glee” has made her very popular and we will be seeing a lot more from Ms. Agron down the road.

Dianna’s official website is on Tumblr:

Of course, she does have Twitter, too:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Lyndsy Fonseca

The young, and restless, Lyndsy Fonseca, has been acting just about her entire life in a vast array of roles.  To look at the enternally youthful-looking Fonseca, you would probably guess that she would only be performing in soap operas and romantic comedies.  You would be wrong.

While Lyndsy did get her start on the daytime soap “The Young and the Restless” (where New 2 Tats darling, Haley King, is currently starring) as the young Colleen Carlton (daughter of Victor Newman rival, Brad Carlton [yes, I know my soaps.  I have my mom to thank for that]), she has developed quite a diverse acting portfolio


Following her departure from daytime TV, Lyndsy snagged recurring roles in the hit shows “How I Met Your Mother”, and “Big Love” (where she played one of Sarah Henrickson’s snooty friends).

After that, Lyndsy landed a role on the ABC mega-hit “Desparate Housewives”, playing the daughter of Dana Delany’s Katherine Mayfair.  She also made a splash in 2010 cult film “Kick Ass” (where she will be reprising her role in the 2013 sequel), before landing her highest profile role to date of Russian-born spy, Alexandra Udinov, in the CW show “Nikita” (which is a re-imagining of the film and tv show “La Femme Nikita”)

Like her “Nikita” co-star, Maggie Q (who may be featured at some point), Lyndsy does like tattoos.  I was able to find four pieces of body art that she displays.  She has an inverted pyramid design on inside of her right ankle (these pictures show it up close and from a distance)

Another one of her tattoos is this incredibly cute crescent moon/star design behind her right ear:

Another one that gets seen frequently is the word “Fe” is a stylized script on her left wrist.  It means ‘faith’ in Portugese, which makes sense since Lyndsy is of Portugese descent.

Her final, regularly visible, tattoo (though she has hinted at others), is her sister’s name written in Hebrew on her upper right forearm.

Lyndsy’s body art is very cute, meaningful, and feminine.  All great qualities for female tattoos :-).

You can see more photos and biographical info about Lyndsy on her official website:

And, you can follow her on Twitter at:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Ellie Goulding

One of my new favorite singers is the breathy, English chanteuse, Ellie Goulding.

She first caught my attention with her ethereal video for her song “Starry Eyed”.  Her sweet voice and beautiful, innocent look was enchanting.  I should also add that, as a science fiction geek, the video made me think of the scene when Apollo and Starbuck were looking at the sky of ‘earth’ in Athena’s Temple in the amazing, reimagined “Battlestar Galactica”.  Here is that video:

While “Starry Eyed” didn’t make a big splash in the U.S. (not even charting on the Billboard Hot 100), her next single “Lights” was a huge hit.  Its drum-powered beats and club-inspired video allowed it to soar all the way to #2 on the Hot 100 in late August, only being denied the #1 slot by Carly Rae Jepsen’s omni-present “Call Me Maybe” and Flo-Rida’s “Whistle”.  Here is that video, as well:

Another fun fact about Ellie is that she is an avid runner.  During one of her concert tours, she had events at each tour stop where select fans could join her for one of her runs.  She also crafted her own ‘running mix’, which can be downloaded at the website

Ellie also enjoys a little bit of of body art.  In several interviews, she has expressed her appreciation for tattoos and ideas for ones she wants to get.  At the current time, her only known tattoo is a red triangle that appears on her right wrist.  While she admits the tattoo was a bit random, she is a big fan of triangles, and even includes them in her song “Wish I Stayed”.

Here are some photos of the adorable Ellie Goulding and her cute triangle tattoo:

You can find out more about Ellie (and her new album “Halcyon”) at her official website:

And, you can follow her on Twitter at:

Boy Band Tattoo of the Day: Harry Styles

Um… what?  You say.  Have you lost your mind?  Why are you featuring tattoos from boy band member?  Don’t you usually just feature females with ink?

Well, that is true.  I have, by and large, only featured women and their tattoos.  A lot that comes just from liking the tattoos I see on women more than those I have seen on men (other than my own.  Selfish? yes… but, I’m working on that).  Also, there’s a broader reason.  Having tattoos generally carries of larger stigma for women than it does for men.  So, I’m using this forum to help reduce that stigma by showing that there is no ‘type’ of woman who has body art; all ‘types’ do.

Now, that being said, why am I featuring one of the singers from the latest British import, One Direction?  Well, I want this blog to be a shared forum, for others to provide their own stories, feelings, and experiences about tattoos (I’m hoping my contributions inspire others to share).  So, as a result, I took a request.

A good friend of mine and her daughter enjoy reading my blog and, it so happens, her daughter is a huge One Direction fan (especially of band member, Harry Styles); and she was hoping for a feature on her celebrity crush.  Who am I to turn down a request like that :-).

So, Felicity Griffeth, I give you:  Harry Styles of One Direction

The five-member group One Direction debuted in 2010 as contestants on season 7 of the British version of the talent competition “The X Factor”.  They attracted a lot of attention for an impressive rendition of Natalie Imbruglia’s 1998 hit “Torn”  (Natalie will be featured on this blog at some point, too).

Despite the success of their performances on the show (and fitting a profile that sends young female fans wild), One Direction came in third place.  However, that did not do anything to hinder their potential success.

In February 2012, they released their first song “What Makes you Beautiful” in the United States, after having released it in Britain the previous September.  It took the Billboard Hot 100 by storm, rising all the way to #4.  Along with fellow group, The Wanted (with their debut hit “Glad You Came”), One Direction kicked off the latest edition of a British ‘Invasion’, as well as a boy-band rivalry that recalls the late-90s debuts of N’Sync and Backstreet Boys (One Direction being the cleaner, more mom-friendly group [like N’Sync] and The Wanted being the edgier, bad boy group [like BSB]).

As is common with many young musical artists these days, many of the members of One Direction have tattoos.  Arguably their most popular member, Harry Styles, is a self-confessed tattoo addict.  Harry discusses his latest tattoo (a pair on birds on his chest in this interview below):

Here are several select photos of Harry’s body art below (among them includes the all important photo of him getting one of his tattoos done.  I advocate this to become a tradition for anyone getting tattoos.  Commemorate the experience, as well as the finished product):

As always, here is how you can follow Harry and One Direction:

Official Website:

One Direction Twitter:

Harry Styles Twitter: