Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Lzzy Hale

No… it’s not Amy Lee … and it’s not Skylar Grey.  This vowel-seeking ‘Riot Grrl’ is Lzzy Hale, lead singer of alternative rock/metal band, Halestorm.  As the name would suggest, Halestorm began as (and still is) a family affair.  Lzzy rocks along side her brother, Arejay, and, in its earliest incarnations, Halestorm (founded in 1998) also included their father, Roger.

Halestorm released its major debut album, “Halestorm”, in 2009 and has developed a strong a fervent fan base, leading to a second release, “The Strange Case of….” earlier this year.

It should come as no surprise that the spunky Lzzy has some ink.  However, she is a bit demure about revealing her tattoos.  In this interview in 2010, she mentioned that she had three and working on her fourth.  However, she teased that only those lucky to see them will see them:


However, no matter how coy she plays about her ink, she has long been known to have a tattoo of Halestorm’s logo on her left rib cage.  She also recently added that fourth tattoo, a diving bird running from her side to her back, which she proudly shows in these photos below (which also shows her Halestorm tattoo):

Follow Lzzy’s band on their main web page:  http://www.halestormrocks.com/

And, follow Lzzy in the Twitter verse:  https://twitter.com/LZZYHALE


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