Boy Band Tattoo of the Day: Harry Styles

Um… what?  You say.  Have you lost your mind?  Why are you featuring tattoos from boy band member?  Don’t you usually just feature females with ink?

Well, that is true.  I have, by and large, only featured women and their tattoos.  A lot that comes just from liking the tattoos I see on women more than those I have seen on men (other than my own.  Selfish? yes… but, I’m working on that).  Also, there’s a broader reason.  Having tattoos generally carries of larger stigma for women than it does for men.  So, I’m using this forum to help reduce that stigma by showing that there is no ‘type’ of woman who has body art; all ‘types’ do.

Now, that being said, why am I featuring one of the singers from the latest British import, One Direction?  Well, I want this blog to be a shared forum, for others to provide their own stories, feelings, and experiences about tattoos (I’m hoping my contributions inspire others to share).  So, as a result, I took a request.

A good friend of mine and her daughter enjoy reading my blog and, it so happens, her daughter is a huge One Direction fan (especially of band member, Harry Styles); and she was hoping for a feature on her celebrity crush.  Who am I to turn down a request like that :-).

So, Felicity Griffeth, I give you:  Harry Styles of One Direction

The five-member group One Direction debuted in 2010 as contestants on season 7 of the British version of the talent competition “The X Factor”.  They attracted a lot of attention for an impressive rendition of Natalie Imbruglia’s 1998 hit “Torn”  (Natalie will be featured on this blog at some point, too).

Despite the success of their performances on the show (and fitting a profile that sends young female fans wild), One Direction came in third place.  However, that did not do anything to hinder their potential success.

In February 2012, they released their first song “What Makes you Beautiful” in the United States, after having released it in Britain the previous September.  It took the Billboard Hot 100 by storm, rising all the way to #4.  Along with fellow group, The Wanted (with their debut hit “Glad You Came”), One Direction kicked off the latest edition of a British ‘Invasion’, as well as a boy-band rivalry that recalls the late-90s debuts of N’Sync and Backstreet Boys (One Direction being the cleaner, more mom-friendly group [like N’Sync] and The Wanted being the edgier, bad boy group [like BSB]).

As is common with many young musical artists these days, many of the members of One Direction have tattoos.  Arguably their most popular member, Harry Styles, is a self-confessed tattoo addict.  Harry discusses his latest tattoo (a pair on birds on his chest in this interview below):

Here are several select photos of Harry’s body art below (among them includes the all important photo of him getting one of his tattoos done.  I advocate this to become a tradition for anyone getting tattoos.  Commemorate the experience, as well as the finished product):

As always, here is how you can follow Harry and One Direction:

Official Website:

One Direction Twitter:

Harry Styles Twitter:


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