Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Dianna Agron

In order to star on the hit Fox TV show “Glee”, it is almost a pre-requisite to have some ink.  As far as I can tell, almost every cast member (at least the ones that play students) have tattoos; from ‘good girl’ types like Dianna Agron and Lea Michele to nerdy guys like Kevin McHale.  During my tattoo ‘hater’ phase (also know as the first 35 years of my life), I found this very annoying.  After my own ‘awakening’, I have really grown to appreciate the body art that the “Glee”-ful cast has, although I will admit that the show is still not really my thing.

Although Lea Michele (aka, Rachel Berry) has, by far and away, the most tattoos of anyone with 14, I think on an ink-by-ink comparison, Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) has the best tattoos.

(Dianna’s real high school photo)

Dianna has that wonderful combination of being classically gorgeous while also being adorably cute

This California girl (by way of the Deep South [Georgia and Texas], and who also is of Russian descent) began her acting career in the mid-00’s with several guest roles on TV shows like “CSI: NY” and “Drake and Josh”.  The cross between 2006 and 2007 proved to be quite eventful as Dianna progressed from single shows to multi-episode arcs on such hits like “Veronica Mars” and “Heroes”.  However, nothing so far could have prepared her for the explosion in popularity she would receive in 2009, when a she was cast in a little show targeted for a niche audience called “Glee”.  You may have heard of it.

Dianna has parlayed her enormous success in “Glee” into a successful movie career, including roles in the Christina Aguilera/Cher vehicle “Burlesque” as well as in “I Am Number Four”.

As mentioned before, I think Dianna has the nicest body art of any of the “Glee” cast members.  I have been able to locate four tattoos on her, though I suspect she probably has more.

The first tattoo that anyone probably noticed on her is probably her most meaningful.  It is a little saying written along her left torso that reads “Mary had a little lamb”.  The meaning comes from Mary being her mother’s name and she always referred to Dianna as her ‘little lamb’.  While I’m sure her mother was deliberate with that play on words, it also created the perfect inspiration for this tattoo.

A little while after “Glee” premiered, Dianna posed in a semi-controversial photo spread for Maxim magazine with her other castmates (it was controversial because conservative family groups objected to the sexy portrayal of high school characters, even though all the cast members were well into their 20s).

What someone could notice from one of Dianna’s photos in Maxim was that her torso tattoo looked to have far more than one line in it now.  That is because she added several lines of philosophical thought running down her left rib cage.  The two pictures below show the tattoo through a sheer dress that she is wearing.  The enhanced tattoo is not as clear through the dress in the first picture, but it does show what the words are in the tattoo.  The second picture (taken from Cosmo magazine) does show a clearer view through her sheer dress

Another tattoo of hers is what appears to be an abstract flower design that also appears on her left torso (she must really like getting inked there :-)).

Finally, among the tattoos of hers that I have found, there are a couple of hearts running down her inner left wrist with a design inside of each one (it could be an initial or some other kind of design).

Dianna’s tattoos are as cute as she is (and that’s saying something).  The success of “Glee” has made her very popular and we will be seeing a lot more from Ms. Agron down the road.

Dianna’s official website is on Tumblr:  http://felldowntherabbithole.tumblr.com/

Of course, she does have Twitter, too:  https://twitter.com/DiannaAgron


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Dianna Agron

  1. The “abstract flower” one is actually her sketch of Stripe (the stripes) and Yellow (the butterfly anntenae) from the book ‘Hope for the Flowers.’ She made a post about it on her website youmeandcharlie before they madeover the site and deleted old posts 🙂

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