Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Kaley Cuoco


   Fan boys can feel free to geek out again.  I now have Kaley Cuoco, of “Big Bang Theory”, ready to go.  Over the last 5 years, Kaley has made blood run hot for every geek, nerd, and fan boy in her role as Penny on “Big Bang Theory”.


   However, before Kaley embraced the very sexy style of ‘geek chic’, she had already established a fairly solid acting career.  She first hit it big playing Bridget Hennessey on the ABC sitcom “8 Simple Rules”, which was based on the best-selling overprotective dad book “8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter”.  She played the ditzy, popular eldest daughter of John Ritter in what would be Ritter’s final role (he succumbed to a heart condition in 2003).  Ironically, while Kaley played the older sister, she was, in fact, 6 years younger than the actress who played her younger sister, Amy Davidson.


   Kaley actually debuted at age 6 in the tv film “Quicksand:  No Escape” and, when she was 9, she played, Karin, the young daughter of Kelly Lynch’s Dr. Madison Carter in 1995’s Denzel Washington/Russell Crowe thriller “Virtuosity”.  Kaley also had a series of television films and cameo appearances before hitting it big with “Big Bang Theory”


Kaley has shown an appreciation for body art with a Kanji tattoo meaning ‘faith’ on her lower back.  Thus far, this is the only one I have seen for her.  Here are some photos showing off Kaley’s ink.  It is very cute.




Here’s a cool fan site for Kaley:   http://www.kaleycuocofan.com/

And, the requisite link to Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KaleyCuoco


Tattoo Artist of the Day: Danny Sebastian

   It goes without saying that all of the great body art that is shown on these pages does not exist without the skills and vision of some very talented tattoo artists.  These are the people who take an individual’s conception of what they want to have permanently placed on their body and bring it life wonderfully on the human canvas.

   So, I am now beginning a new feature on “New 2 Tats” where the talented artists who bring body art to life get their due.  It goes without saying that that first artist I will feature here is the guy who is responsible for both of my tattoos:  Danny Sebastian… aka ‘Danny Deathwish’.


   Here is the ‘mad genius’ working on the outline of my awesome shamrock tattoo.  Now, I may be biased (eh.. I’m definitely biased), but I couldn’t be happier about the two tattoos he did for me.  He previously worked at Pop’s Tattoo in Wheaton, MD (where both my tattoos were done) and he has now moved on to work at RAW INK in Gaithersburg, MD. 


   Here are the results of the work he did for me.




If you like the quality of Danny’s work, you should definitely seek him out at RAW INK Studios.  I plan to make a visit there for when I get my third tattoo.


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Teri Polo


   I recently re-watched all 7 seasons of “The West Wing” on DVD and it helped remind me of another hottie, Teri Polo.  While she is probably best known as Martha Focker from the “Meet the Parents” film series, Polo did an excellent job playing Helen Santos, the wife of Congressman (and eventual President) Matthew Santos in “The West Wing’s” final seasons.  She did a great job of portraying a very supportive wife who was dealing with her own reservations about her husband’s candidacy for President and the impact it would have on their lives and those of their children.  Her performance was one of the elements that really helped the show finish in style.


   Teri has been acting all the way back to her teen days when she started in the role of Kristin Larsen in the daytime soap opera “Loving”.  She did a few other small roles on tv shows and made-for-tv movies before getting her first big lead in the 1991 Ethan Hawke film “Mystery Date” portraying the object of Hawke’s desire, Geena Matthews.

   She acted consistently in the years that followed, including extended roles on “Northern Exposure”, “Felicity” and “Sports Night” (which put her on Aaron Sorkin’s list of go to actresses).  Then, in 2000, there was a little movie called “Meet the Parents” which caused star to go supernova. 

    Teri Polo’s appeal has come from her ability to encompass all types of women.  She can be the loving wife, the put upon girlfriend, the caring the mother all while looking like the ‘girl next door’ who also happens to be smoking hot.

Teri Polo

   In 2005, Polo was in the “Meet the Parents” sequel “Meet the Fockers”, while also beginning her role as Helen Santos on “The West Wing”.  This was also a momentous year because she showed exactly how hot she could be with very provocative photo spread in Playboy. 

   Her Playboy feature also revealed that Teri is a fan of body art.  A very prominent lower back tattoo was visible in many of her photos.  In a case of art imitating life, this tattoo was worked into her role on “West Wing” when, during the Presidential campaign, the paparazzi caught a glimpse of her tattoo when she bent down to pick up one of her children (a likely First Lady with a tattoo?  Oh, the horror!….   In the next 20 years, I fully expect we will have a First Lady with one that she doesn’t try to hide).

    This picture of her lower back tattoo is a close up one because the only photos I could find were from her Playboy pictorial and I’m not going to use one of those full photos on this page.


   In an earlier portion of Teri’s Playboy shoot (when she is still clothed), you can see a very prominent angel on her left hip, near the bikini line.


Teri Polo

Teri Polo

  Another tattoo she has is a combination of a music note and her initials on her left breast.  I will say, I’m not the biggest fan of breast tattoos (or any on the front of women) and while I understand what she’s going for, it doesn’t look that good from a distance.


   Finally, she has a tattoo that has been very prominent in the past few years.  It takes the form of a tribal arm band circling around her right bicep and it has the name of her children in it.



You can get more great pics and info about Teri at her fan site: http://teri-polo.net/

And follow her on Twitter (although, it is seldom used) at:  https://twitter.com/teripolo

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Follow-up Edition): Olivia Olson – Part 2


   This blog exists as a forum to share stories and pictures of tattoos.  One of the reasons I love writing it is seeing when a person I have featured likes their write-up and, as a result, shares the article or gives their own feedback.  It is encouraging because it shows me the value others see in this blog.



   The most recent example of this came when actress Olivia Olson shared my feature about her on her Twitter page.  This is not uncommon, but there usually isn’t a follow-up when I express my appreciation for sharing the article and offer to do a follow-up if they get any more tattoos.  That was not the case with Olivia.  She quickly replied that she did have more and pointed me to her Instagram account to see them.


   This suggestion was great because, not only did she have two other long-time tattoos that I had missed, she had also just completed getting a new one further up the same arm where her rose tattoo resides.  So, I think it is only appropriate to start this follow-up feature on Olivia by sharing her most recent ink with you.

This tattoo is a black and white design called ‘The Mystic Eye’, and was done by artist Alex Grey.  It’s great that Olivia had a picture taken while the tattoo was being applied.  That’s a practice I continue to promote among all people getting tattoos


This next photo gives another good, up close look at her new design


And here she is, post-tattoo, proudly showing her ink while chillin’ with one of her friends


   Before moving on to photos of her other tattoos, here are some other fun photos of Olivia

Adorable head shot


Acting cheesy


Sexy, hippie beach girl


Having a cat nap with her kitty (cat lovers always get a thumbs up in my book)


   Now, back to the tattoos.  Another one that I started to notice in other photos after I had posted Olivia’s original feature, but before she directed me to Instagram, was a script tattoo along her right shoulder.  You can see it in some of these modeling photos.


An up close photo of this tattoo reveals it to be a quote inspired by Bob Dylan: “Beauty is Chaos.  Chaos is a friend of mine”


Another piece of Olivia’s body art is this very pretty, musically inspired tattoo behind her right ear.  The first photo shows the tattoo up close (along with its template) and the second photo shows Olivia getting the tattoo applied.



   Finally, I will close this out with another up close look at her rose tattoo (crossed with a gemini symbol) as well her displaying it while looking like a boss.



   These are all excellent tattoos and show appeal that a large variety of body art can have.  As long as Olivia keeps getting tattoos, I will keep featuring them.

Also, continue to give her some love by checking out her music page:  http://www.myspace.com/oliviaolsonmusic

and following her on Twitter:


Have A Merry ‘INKED’ Christmas!

From your friends here at “New 2 Tats”, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas with some amusing Christmas-themed tattoos

Obviously, Santa needs to get a new tat before he takes to the sky on Christmas eve.  So, he gets help in taking care of that.


Here’s a little animated Christmas love.


Will Ferrell is also in the spirit in “Elf”


We can’t forget the Christmas classic, “Die Hard”.  This image is inspired by the scene where John McClane uses Christmas packing tape to conceal the gun containing his last two bullets as he goes to face Hans Gruber


And, of course, we must conclude with Ralphie from “A Christmas Story”.  You want to be careful with the tattoo gun on this because you don’t want to ‘shoot your eye out’.  The artist must be Italian, because it says ‘fra-gi-le’.


Here’s hoping all of you get the gifts you want this Christmas (like this one)


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day [100th Feature Celebration Edition]: Lea Michele


Back on June 23rd of this year, I began this little endeavor I called “New 2 Tats”.  It was a way to share my thoughts on tattoos as a person who had made the giant leap from hating body ink for the first 35 years of his life to evolving his thoughts on the subject and getting tattoos himself.  I saw it as a way to share the tattoos I see and real life as well as providing a forum to their prevalance among public figures such as athletes and celebrities.  My goal is to make the concept of tattoos more accessible to everyone and possibly help some people make the same transition I made, while allowing others just to enjoy the discussions and pictures of body art.

Those who know me, a guy who ranted against tattoos for so long, it is amusing for them to see how completely I have embraced body art.  So, it seems only appropriate that I publish the “New 2 Tats” major milestone, its 100th post, on 12/21/2012.  I’m sure many of my friends thought they would see the world end before they saw me do something like this.

Lea_Mich_Pic_03After a lot of consideration, it also became clear to me that there was only one person who could be featured for the “New 2 Tats” 100th post.  That is “Glee’s” own Rachel Berry, Ms. Lea Michelle.

There couldn’t be anyone else chosen for this honor because Lea is the perfect representation of what this blog is about.  She has numerous tattoos that she proudly displays and talks about, yet she does not look like the ‘tattoo type’.  She is the poster girl for how mainstream body art has become.  She is an elegant, glamorous woman who hapens to have a lot of body art and makes it seem complimentary to her rather than shocking.


She is also a perfect choice because she is the focal point of my own struggle to evolve my opinion on tattoos.  When “Glee” first hit the airwaves, it wasn’t long before Lea got noticed for her tattoos as much as for her singing voice.  And, it wasn’t that she just had one or two.  Based on the articles I have read, at the time the show started, Lea had around NINE tattoos!  That was shocking to me.  Then, I began to notice that almost every other cast member on “Glee” had tattoos and I read an interview where she jokingly confessed to ‘cajoling’ some of her castmates into getting inked.  Since I was still in my ‘I hate tattoos’ mindset, I found this outrageous.


While this did not endear Lea to me at all, it started forcing me to look at tattoos more broadly (no matter how much I did not want to).  Despite having all those tattoos, Lea didn’t look like a heavily-inked ‘hot mess’, a la Kat Von D.  I still considered her quite attractive and, as my own views on tattoos began to evolve, I came to see her body art for what it truly is: gorgeous accessories to her own beauty (well, most of her tattoos 😉 ).


Now, it is time for the fun part: Lea’s tattoos.  At the time of this posting, Lea is believed to have 14 tattoos!  (This had her as a ‘dressing room’ leader in body art for awhile, but she was recently surpassed by castmate, Jenna Ushkowitz, who appears to have jumped from 3 tattoos to 16 in less than two years).  Lea admits that some of her ink is in ‘personal’ locations.  However, I was able to find pictures of 11 out of those 14 tattoos (some could be considered to be 1 tattoo or multiple.  So, it is possible I may have more than 11 shown here).  Here is the list (the pictures with captions to follow):

  1. Music Note (Left Shoulder)
  2. Butterfly (Lower Right Back)
  3. Butterfly (Right Foot)
  4. Script “Our City.. Our Love” (Right Foot)
  5. Script “Imagine” (Left Foot)
  6. Green script and design that reads “Believe” (Right Wrist)
  7. Script [unknown] (Left Torso)
  8. Bird (Left Bikini Line)
  9. Red Heart (Left Middle Finger)
  10. Gold Star (Left Wrist)
  11. Script [unknown] (Left Bicep)

Now, without further ado, here are Lea’s fascinating tattoos

Music Note (Left Shoulder):  Adorable and meaningful, given her passion for singing (as Rachel Berry in “Glee” and also in her extensive stage career with such notable productions as “Spring Awakening”)


Butterfly (Lower Right Back):  I don’t know if there is any meaning to this, but this is a very cute tattoo; and, she seems to like the them because she has other butterflies and birds on her body



Butterfly (Right Foot):  Another cute butterfly tattoo


Script “Our City… Our Love” (Right Foot):  On the same foot, she has this phrase etched on her


Script “Imagine” (Left Foot):  Lea has this companion script tattoo on her other foot


Green script and design that reads “Believe” (Right Wrist):  No doubt this was one of Lea’s earlier tattoos.  The design is a little blurry and probably in need of touchup (or enhancement), but it has a very personal connection to her time performing “Spring Awakening” [The second of the photos also shows the music note on her shoulder]



Script [unknown phrase] (Left Torso):  Recent paparazzi photos of Lea on a few different beach vacations reveal some tattoo work on her torso just beneath her bikini top.  I could not find a clear photo that showed what the script said, but it appears to be a nice tattoo


Bird (Left Bikini Line):  Lea seems to love getting these small, cute, and very feminine designs.  I strongly encourage her to continue 🙂


Red Heart (Left Middle Finger):  A recent awards show revealed that she had a discrete red heart inscribed on her finger


Gold Star (Left Wrist):  This is another hard to locate tattoo because it blends in with her skin tone.  Cute.


Script [unknown] (Left Bicep):  This is the final tattoo of Lea’s I was able to locate.  The picture is blurry and hard to find. It is even rumored that she has had this tattoo removed.  But, here it is.


Whether it is on a Broadway stage or in a television and movie musical, we will be seeing Lea Michelle for a long time to come.  I, personally, appreciate her for helping me see body art for what it has become, rather than for what it use to be thought of.  While she says she may be done with tattoos as this point, I still look forward to more (after all, she has to catch up to Jenna 😉 )

You can find out more about Lea at her fan site:  http://leamicheleweb.org/

And, of course, catch her in the Twitterverse at:  https://twitter.com/msleamichele