Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Dakota Johnson

Dakota_pic05The promos for the Fall 2012 TV schedule regular featured previews of a new goofy Fox comedy called “Ben & Kate”.  The titular characters (I love saying that word) are a brother and sister that are polar opposites.  Kate is the responsible, job-holding, single mother sibling while Ben is the irresponsible, ‘pie-in-the-sky’ dreamer sibling.  The previews looked amusing.  But, what really caught my eye was the quirky and adorable actress who plays Kate, Dakota Johnson.


She looked familiar.  I knew I had seen her in another role before.  It was a brief cameo in 2010’s Facebook opus “The Social Network”.  She played Amelia Ritter, the Stanford student and one-night stand of Justin Timberlake’s Sean Parker whose liasion led to him discovering the existence of Facebook.  (“The Social Network” has proven to be an incredible source for features on ‘New 2 Tats’.  Shelby Young and Malese Jow have already been featured and, if I find out that Rooney Mara ever got an actually tattoo, instead of the fake ones she wore for “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, I will feature her, too).

Fox Fall 2012 Eco-Casino PartyEven having made that connection, there was still something else that seemed familiar about her.  That face looked very recognizable.  When one begins to piece together the puzzle, you find out the answer to that mystery.  Her last name is Johnson and she just so happens to be the daughter of “Miami Vice” legend, Don Johnson.  That will you take you to the next logical step:  If she’s Don Johnson’s daughter…… then…. her mother must be….. yup…. Melanie Griffith!


Dakota is clearly showing the desire to continue in the ‘family business’ (her grandmother, and Melanie’s mother, is “The Birds” actress, Tippi Hedren). While her first role was a small part in Griffith’s 1999 film “Crazy in Alabama”, her mother kept her out of the limelight for most of her childhood. You could call her role in “The Social Network” her official acting debut. She has had small roles since then. “Ben & Kate” is her first starring role.


One thing I noticed during her brief appearance in “The Social Network” was a tattoo that was visible on her right shoulder as she went to take a shower. So, it came as no surprise to me to find out she was quite a fan of body art. While I am sure she has more, I have presently been able to identify four separate tattoos on Dakota. It makes sense to start off with a photo showing the beautiful Dakota displaying that shoulder tattoo, which is a pretty flock of birds.


On Dakota’s inner left bicep appears the quote “Acta Non Verba”, which is Latin for “Deeds Not Words”.


The remaining two tattoos appear on her right foot.  On the top of her foot is a series of starlight stars and on the side appears to be another quote, although I could not get a clear enough look to determine what it says:




You can find out more about Dakota on her fan page:


And, you can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/ohdakotajohnson


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