Cassadee Pope (Celebrity Tattoo “The Voice” Championship Edition)



Anyone who has followed this blog knows that singer Cassadee Pope has a big fan here at ‘New 2 Tats’.  The feature we ran on her back in September is one of our most popular.  The combination of being incredibly cute, having an amazing singing voice, and sporting some awesome tattoos make that popularity easy to understand.  You can check her original feature here:


Cassadee’s latest burst of attention comes from her outstanding weekly performances on the only pure singing competition that matters right now:  “The Voice”  (because “American Idol” has been unwatchable since Simon and Paula left and “X-Factor” is just a mess). 

Her stellar performances culminated in last night’s Season 3 victory!  Her performances were amazing and she really deserves this honor.  Her appeal should also translate this victory into a very successful solo career for the former frontwoman for “Hey Monday”.  You can see her reaction at the very moment of announcement here (and a photo of her performing her victory song):



Here are some additional “Voice” photos of Cassadee performing with her mentor, Blake Shelton and posing alongside her musical influence, Avril Lavigne.CassadeePopeII_Pic02CassadeePopeII_Pic01

And, just because we love it, here’s a picture of Cassadee being the postergirl for the contemporary modern beauty.


Congratulations, Cassadee.  We are so happy for you.


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