Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Follow-up Edition): Olivia Olson – Part 2


   This blog exists as a forum to share stories and pictures of tattoos.  One of the reasons I love writing it is seeing when a person I have featured likes their write-up and, as a result, shares the article or gives their own feedback.  It is encouraging because it shows me the value others see in this blog.



   The most recent example of this came when actress Olivia Olson shared my feature about her on her Twitter page.  This is not uncommon, but there usually isn’t a follow-up when I express my appreciation for sharing the article and offer to do a follow-up if they get any more tattoos.  That was not the case with Olivia.  She quickly replied that she did have more and pointed me to her Instagram account to see them.


   This suggestion was great because, not only did she have two other long-time tattoos that I had missed, she had also just completed getting a new one further up the same arm where her rose tattoo resides.  So, I think it is only appropriate to start this follow-up feature on Olivia by sharing her most recent ink with you.

This tattoo is a black and white design called ‘The Mystic Eye’, and was done by artist Alex Grey.  It’s great that Olivia had a picture taken while the tattoo was being applied.  That’s a practice I continue to promote among all people getting tattoos


This next photo gives another good, up close look at her new design


And here she is, post-tattoo, proudly showing her ink while chillin’ with one of her friends


   Before moving on to photos of her other tattoos, here are some other fun photos of Olivia

Adorable head shot


Acting cheesy


Sexy, hippie beach girl


Having a cat nap with her kitty (cat lovers always get a thumbs up in my book)


   Now, back to the tattoos.  Another one that I started to notice in other photos after I had posted Olivia’s original feature, but before she directed me to Instagram, was a script tattoo along her right shoulder.  You can see it in some of these modeling photos.


An up close photo of this tattoo reveals it to be a quote inspired by Bob Dylan: “Beauty is Chaos.  Chaos is a friend of mine”


Another piece of Olivia’s body art is this very pretty, musically inspired tattoo behind her right ear.  The first photo shows the tattoo up close (along with its template) and the second photo shows Olivia getting the tattoo applied.



   Finally, I will close this out with another up close look at her rose tattoo (crossed with a gemini symbol) as well her displaying it while looking like a boss.



   These are all excellent tattoos and show appeal that a large variety of body art can have.  As long as Olivia keeps getting tattoos, I will keep featuring them.

Also, continue to give her some love by checking out her music page:  http://www.myspace.com/oliviaolsonmusic

and following her on Twitter:



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