Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Teri Polo


   I recently re-watched all 7 seasons of “The West Wing” on DVD and it helped remind me of another hottie, Teri Polo.  While she is probably best known as Martha Focker from the “Meet the Parents” film series, Polo did an excellent job playing Helen Santos, the wife of Congressman (and eventual President) Matthew Santos in “The West Wing’s” final seasons.  She did a great job of portraying a very supportive wife who was dealing with her own reservations about her husband’s candidacy for President and the impact it would have on their lives and those of their children.  Her performance was one of the elements that really helped the show finish in style.


   Teri has been acting all the way back to her teen days when she started in the role of Kristin Larsen in the daytime soap opera “Loving”.  She did a few other small roles on tv shows and made-for-tv movies before getting her first big lead in the 1991 Ethan Hawke film “Mystery Date” portraying the object of Hawke’s desire, Geena Matthews.

   She acted consistently in the years that followed, including extended roles on “Northern Exposure”, “Felicity” and “Sports Night” (which put her on Aaron Sorkin’s list of go to actresses).  Then, in 2000, there was a little movie called “Meet the Parents” which caused star to go supernova. 

    Teri Polo’s appeal has come from her ability to encompass all types of women.  She can be the loving wife, the put upon girlfriend, the caring the mother all while looking like the ‘girl next door’ who also happens to be smoking hot.

Teri Polo

   In 2005, Polo was in the “Meet the Parents” sequel “Meet the Fockers”, while also beginning her role as Helen Santos on “The West Wing”.  This was also a momentous year because she showed exactly how hot she could be with very provocative photo spread in Playboy. 

   Her Playboy feature also revealed that Teri is a fan of body art.  A very prominent lower back tattoo was visible in many of her photos.  In a case of art imitating life, this tattoo was worked into her role on “West Wing” when, during the Presidential campaign, the paparazzi caught a glimpse of her tattoo when she bent down to pick up one of her children (a likely First Lady with a tattoo?  Oh, the horror!….   In the next 20 years, I fully expect we will have a First Lady with one that she doesn’t try to hide).

    This picture of her lower back tattoo is a close up one because the only photos I could find were from her Playboy pictorial and I’m not going to use one of those full photos on this page.


   In an earlier portion of Teri’s Playboy shoot (when she is still clothed), you can see a very prominent angel on her left hip, near the bikini line.


Teri Polo

Teri Polo

  Another tattoo she has is a combination of a music note and her initials on her left breast.  I will say, I’m not the biggest fan of breast tattoos (or any on the front of women) and while I understand what she’s going for, it doesn’t look that good from a distance.


   Finally, she has a tattoo that has been very prominent in the past few years.  It takes the form of a tribal arm band circling around her right bicep and it has the name of her children in it.



You can get more great pics and info about Teri at her fan site: http://teri-polo.net/

And follow her on Twitter (although, it is seldom used) at:  https://twitter.com/teripolo


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