Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Kaley Cuoco


   Fan boys can feel free to geek out again.  I now have Kaley Cuoco, of “Big Bang Theory”, ready to go.  Over the last 5 years, Kaley has made blood run hot for every geek, nerd, and fan boy in her role as Penny on “Big Bang Theory”.


   However, before Kaley embraced the very sexy style of ‘geek chic’, she had already established a fairly solid acting career.  She first hit it big playing Bridget Hennessey on the ABC sitcom “8 Simple Rules”, which was based on the best-selling overprotective dad book “8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter”.  She played the ditzy, popular eldest daughter of John Ritter in what would be Ritter’s final role (he succumbed to a heart condition in 2003).  Ironically, while Kaley played the older sister, she was, in fact, 6 years younger than the actress who played her younger sister, Amy Davidson.


   Kaley actually debuted at age 6 in the tv film “Quicksand:  No Escape” and, when she was 9, she played, Karin, the young daughter of Kelly Lynch’s Dr. Madison Carter in 1995’s Denzel Washington/Russell Crowe thriller “Virtuosity”.  Kaley also had a series of television films and cameo appearances before hitting it big with “Big Bang Theory”


Kaley has shown an appreciation for body art with a Kanji tattoo meaning ‘faith’ on her lower back.  Thus far, this is the only one I have seen for her.  Here are some photos showing off Kaley’s ink.  It is very cute.




Here’s a cool fan site for Kaley:   http://www.kaleycuocofan.com/

And, the requisite link to Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KaleyCuoco


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