Tattoo Artist of the Day: Danny Sebastian

   It goes without saying that all of the great body art that is shown on these pages does not exist without the skills and vision of some very talented tattoo artists.  These are the people who take an individual’s conception of what they want to have permanently placed on their body and bring it life wonderfully on the human canvas.

   So, I am now beginning a new feature on “New 2 Tats” where the talented artists who bring body art to life get their due.  It goes without saying that that first artist I will feature here is the guy who is responsible for both of my tattoos:  Danny Sebastian… aka ‘Danny Deathwish’.


   Here is the ‘mad genius’ working on the outline of my awesome shamrock tattoo.  Now, I may be biased (eh.. I’m definitely biased), but I couldn’t be happier about the two tattoos he did for me.  He previously worked at Pop’s Tattoo in Wheaton, MD (where both my tattoos were done) and he has now moved on to work at RAW INK in Gaithersburg, MD.

   Here are the results of the work he did for me.




If you like the quality of Danny’s work, you should definitely seek him out at RAW INK Studios.  I plan to make a visit there for when I get my third tattoo.



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