Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Beau Garrett


   If you have found yourself on ‘the grid’ in recent years, you no doubt took notice of Gem, one of the sirens who helped prepare Sam Flynn for the ‘games’ in the long awaited Disney sequel, “Tron: Legacy”.  She was portrayed by actress and model, Beau Garrett.


   The very youthful looking Garrett has been a model since her teenage days.  The companies she modeled for include GUESS, CosmoGirl, and Revlon.  She is signed with Vision Model Management in Los Angeles.


    In her early 20’s, Beau decided to try her hand at the ‘family business’ of acting (she is the cousin of Kyle Chandler, the coach in “Friday Night Lights”) by performing as Fiona in a few first-season episodes of the HBO hit “Entourage” (a show which also provided an early acting role for ‘New 2 Tats’ babe, Leighton Meester).  She later starred in the movie thriller “Turistas” along with future “Tron: Legacy” co-star Olivia Wilde (who I also hope to feature here one day).  She has also had guest starring roles on shows like “Criminal Minds” and “Memphis Beat” and has a few other upcoming projects in post-production.


   It should come as no surprise that Beau does sport a little body art of her own.  Beau is a big dog lover and she has the inscription “Lulu” on her right wrist, named after her dog, Kona, whom she nicknames Kona Lu and Lulu Bug.  You can pictures of her tattoo below, along with her posing with her beloved pooch.



You can find out more about the lovely Beau on her fansite:  http://www.beau-garrett.net

And follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/beaujgarrett


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