My 1-Year Anniversary of getting Inked!

   One year ago today marked a dramatic change in my life.  After spending the first 35 years of my life being completely against tattoos, I finally overcame that mentality and went under the needle to get my first tattoo.  This image was inspiration for that tattoo:


   After finally entertaining the idea of actually putting permanent ink on my body, I found this design on the web, as I was looking for something that would embrace my Irish-Scottish heritage.  What could be better than having those two flags crossed together?

    The day I found this design, I knew there was no stopping me.  I was going to get that tattoo and get it that day, January 12th, 2012.  That evening, I went to Pop’s Tattoo at Wheaton Plaza and, under the skillful needle of “Danny Deathwish” (who has since moved on to RAW Ink in Gaithersburg, MD), I was inked:


  It really didn’t hurt that much (though it was a fleshy part of the body), and the instant I saw the completed product, I knew I was hooked.  Everytime I look at this tattoo, I feel good about it.  I have enjoyed sharing it with other people (including those shocked by my change of heart)

    You can read about how this ‘change of heart’ came about in my Manifesto:

    It has just opened up a new way of thinking for me.  Since I joined the ‘club’, I have thoroughly enjoyed talking about tattoos and learning about the stories behind those belonging to other people (from the most deeply meaningful designs to the spur of the moment thoughts).

    After enjoying many individual conversations with people, I decided I wanted to set up a forum to share thoughts, concepts, and ideas about tattoos.  After I wrote my Tattoo Manifesto, I conceived of the idea of a blog with which to share those thoughts.  Thus, on June 23rd, 2012, “New 2 Tats” was born.

    The real fun with this blog was the Athlete and Celebrity Tattoo of the Day features I decided to run.  I wanted to make this about people who weren’t very well known, or who were, but people didn’t know they had body art.  So, celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, and Megan Fox would not be featured here.  But, up and coming stars like Skylar Grey and Cassadee Pope would be, as well as more famous people like Selena Gomez and Charlize Theron.  Sometimes, the celebrities and athletes have replied and shared more details about their tattoos or just their appreciation of being featured.  It just helps make running this blog worthwhile.

    Needless to say, there was very little doubt that I would be looking to get more body art.  Knowing that I was looking for more Celtic-themed tattoos, a good friend of mine suggested I check out Pinterest for tattoo ideas. Once there, I found a design I fell in love with:


   Finally, on August 9th, 2012, I returned to the scene of Tattoo #1 and got this design applied to my leg:


   As fond as I am of my first tattoo, I’m ecstatic about this one.  The color, lines, and overall design just make it stunning in my mind.  You can read about the experience of Tattoo #2 in this entry:

   I am now, most definitely, a tattoo lover.  While I have no plans to go all ‘Travis Barker crazy’ with my personal ink, I do plan to keep an eye out for designs that I find striking that I think can find a good place on me. 

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the past year of a tattoo-ness and look forward to many more years of it 🙂


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